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Art and culture, 132 golf holes, padel with friends, cycling on steep slopes or kitesurfing where the wind is at its best – there is always something to do on the Bjäre Peninsula. The magnificent nature invites, but you are never far away from Båstad's range of services, gastronomy and white comfortable sheets.      

Cyclists Old Banvallen

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Cyclists along the sea in Båstad.

World-class cycling on Sweden's Riviera


Hiking for the curious explorer

Båstad Golf Club at dusk

132 fantastic golf holes within 10 minutes

Couple drinking bubbly and sparing in Båstad.

SPA experiences for the connoisseur of life

Padel racket and ball

Tennis & padel for all levels & tastes

Birgit Nilsson stretches out her arms and enjoys life at her homestead in Boarp.

Art & Culture in world class

Guy riding the zipline at Kungsbygget.

Adventure & play for the whole family

Children playing football in the sand at Kallbadhuset in Båstad.

Beach hanging, SUP or boat trips along the coast?

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Shopping on the entire Bjäre Peninsula

Shopping on the Bjäre Peninsula is characterized by high service and unique stores all around the Bjäre Peninsula.
Discover our shopping areas & farm shops!

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Hiking Skåneleden Båstad-Torekov, 24...
Norra vägen 128
The Art Orangery
Vejbyslätts bygata 57, Vejbyslätt
Skummeslövs bridge
Skummeslövs bridge
Annas väg 19, 269 39 Båstad
Grevie ridges
Grevie ridges
Vallåsen's Disc Golf
Vallåsens Discgolf - One of Sweden's best padel courses.
Jaktvillan Rössjöholmsvägen 20 312 75 Våxtorp
Båstad Golf Club
Boarpsvägen 212
Eskilstorp beach
Eskilstorp beach Båstad
Axelstorp's forests
Axelstorp's forests
Bjäre Banvall Båstad-Förslöv, 14...
Forsløv Bokesliden
Norrviken's gardens
Norrvikens Trädgårdar is a unique place, beautifully framed by sea and nature in the heart of the Bjäre Peninsula.
Kattviksvägen 233 SE-269 91 Båstad
The selection lock Discgolf
Rössjöholmsvägen 20 312 75 Våxtorp
The center court
Kyrkogatan 3, 269 33 Båstad
The language guide
Enriching guided tours that arouse your curiosity by Båstad's most experienced guide!
Bjäre Peninsula
Hiking Around Båstad, 9...
Start Båstad square
Artist & designer Charlotte...
Hoddebjärsvägen 28, 269 91 Båstad
The river, the ridge and the sea,...
This round takes you along Laholmsbukten's sandy beach to the foot of Hallandsåsen. 
Start in Båstad
Bjärekusten nature reserve with Hovs...
The Bear Coast
Hiking trail Kustslingan, 12 km
Start; The template.
Rent a bike, RentBike
Hiking Grevie Slopes, 5...
Start: Grusåsvägen 1, Grevie or/or Killebäcktorpsvägen 144, Båstad
Harald's meadows
Outside Förslöv
Experience farmhouse
Hallavaravägen 145 Båstad
Hiking Skåneleden Brammarp –...
Glimminge planting
A trip to Glimminge Plantering offers five hundred meters of sandy beach and a lovely view over to Kullaberg.
Glimminge Planting
Märta Måås-Fjetterstöm
Agardhsgatan 9, 269 33 Båstad
Gallery Blue
Ängelholmsvägen 28 269 42 Båstad
Ravinen Kulturhus
Kattviksvägen 231 269 91 Båstad
Lilla Bjärerundan, 40 km
40 kilometers of pleasure cycling! Båstad, Kattvik and Torekov – the three gems! 
Start Båstad
Adventure golf
A lovely adventure golf course in a park setting. Fun for the whole family! Same opening hours as the campsite's reception.
Båstad Camping, NORRA VÄGEN 128, 269 43 BÅSTAD
Zipline at Kungsbygget
Kungsbygget's Zipline offers a breathtaking experience that sweeps over the beautiful slopes of Hallandsåsen.
Kungsbygget Adventure Park
Hiking In Birgit Nilsson's...
Start at Birgit Nilsson's Museum
The high-altitude track and climbing tower at...
Take your adventure to new heights with this large and extensive high-altitude course, offering 66 challenges spread over 7 o
Kungsbygget Adventure Park
Båstad Sports Center
Korrödsvägen 9, 269 38 Båstad
The farm fight
Herrgårdsvägen 37 269 96 Båstad
Hallandsåsen and Kullaberg, 153...
A ridge and a mountain – two peninsulas! A unique round that offers many magical cycling experiences. 
Start in Båstad
Kite-Surf with Båstad Kite
Bjäre Härad's home village park
Erikstorpsvägen 216, 269 93 Båstad
Båstad Padel Club
Båstad Padelklubb welcomes you to Sweden's first outdoor padel court in Båstad Hamn.
Strandgatan 14, 269 33 Båstad
Sea and embankment, 19...
Start in Båstad
Torekov Golf Club
Råledsvägen 31
England valley
England valley
Southern Bear Coast
Southern Bear Coast
Stora Hult's beach
Stora Hults Beach, Vejbystrand
Cycle the Kattegat trail
Large hults felled
Big holes
Morning jetty Torekov
Morgonbryggan in Torekov
Along Hallandsåsen 78 km
This fantastic tour offers, among other things, magical Magnarp beach, cozy Gånarp and charming Grevie. 
Start Båstad
Båstad's Harbour
The harbor in Båstad
Torekov beach
Strandridaregatan Torekov
Hiking trail Båstad - Hålehall...
Start: Friluftsfrämjandet's cottage at Hålehall
Torekov's Harbour
Hamnplanen 17, 269 77 Torekov
Summer open Märta Måås-Fjetterström
Open Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-14 during July and August 2024.
Agardhsgatan 9, 269 33 Båstad
Hiking trail Båstad - Hålehall...
Start: Friluftsfrämjandet's cottage at Hålehall
Ramsjö beach
Callegårdsvägen Båstad
Hallandsåsen round, 104 km
Start in Båstad
Friskis&Svettis Båstad
Stenhusvägen 11, 269 36 Båstad
Halland's Väderö
By boat from Båstad or Torekov
Scala cinema
Kyrkogatan 21, 269 33 Båstad
Cycle members Skåne
The Challenge, 89 km
This is a real challenge with eight tough climbs on Hallandsåsen. But also many wonderful views and beautiful m
Start in Båstad
Torekov Maritime Museum
Torekov's Harbour
Shalahala Yoga
Boarpsvägen 133, 269 95 Båstad
Åkagården Golf Club
Lyngåkravägen 39
Stora Hult's beach
Stora Hult's beach
Pershögskogen hiking trail, 1,2 km
SUP with Båstad Kite
Båstad Hiking
Guided hikes in Båstad & on the Bjäre Peninsula! #bastadhiking
Båstad & Bjäre Peninsula
Spirit Event
Strandpromenaden 55, Båstad
Äppelgården Golf Club
Hallandsvägen 400
Skansenbadet Båstad
Ängelbäck beach
Ängelsbäck beach
Kites & Things
Kite & Ting - Kids in kitesurfing from 12 years of age and up.
Kallbadhuset, Båstad
Indoor hall for BMX
Vallens Säteri has Sweden's only indoor track for BMX racing.
VALLEN 1, 312 98 Våxtorp
Sandhamn Halland's Väderö
Sandhamn, Halland's Väderö
Summer toboggan pass at Kungsbygget -...
Do you want to experience the summer's hottest adventure? Summer tobogganing is a perfect activity for all ages, where you control the speed
Kungsbygget Adventure Park
Daily highs
Dagshögsvägen 240, 269 95 Torekov
Hiking Skåneleden Torekov –...
Bjäre Golf Club
Salomonhögsvägen 336
Family adventure at Tyga Gård
Hallavaravägen 145 Båstad
Birgit Nilsson Museum
Birgit Nilssons väg 27, SE – 269 91 Båstad
Boat trip Hallands Väderö
From Torekov or Båstads Hamn
Hiking Skåneleden Ängelsbäcksstrand –...
Gallery Arnstedt
Postridarens väg 18, 269 41 Östra Karup
Studio Gallery Lingården, Sven...
Lingården, Sönnertorpsvägen, Båstad
Malen's Padel
Kalkvägen 3 269 36, Båstad
The paint bath
Havsbadsvägen 1, 269 36 Båstad
Hiking Halland's Väderö
By boat from Torekovs Hamn
The pilot house in Torekov
Christopher Barfoths gata 1, 269 77 Torekov
Vallà ¥ sen Bikepark
The selection lock
Bear Bear
Segelstorpsvägen 197 26992 Båstad
Fascia Center Sweden
Axelstorpsvägen 2, 269 42 Båstad
Lya heather with surroundings
Lya heather
Outer hall Bathing area
Ydrehall swimming area
Hiking the Axelstorps loop, 9 km
Karsefors and Rössjön, 124...
Combine the Halland hinterland with the Skåne coast! 
Start in Båstad
Klipbad Hovs Hallar
Court Halls
The health studio in Båstad
Hälsostudion is Båstad's most personal gym!
Hallandsvägen 21 269 36 Båstad

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To do

RAVINE Culture House

Experience world-class art and music and enjoy lunch and coffee with a fantastic view all year round.


Skåne candle factory

100% candles since 1951. Royal court supplier, churches and parishes.


Harbor tavern Torekov

We are a restaurant in Torekov that offers an exciting and well-prepared menu with the delights of the sea.


Valhall Park Hotel

Family-friendly in scenic surroundings near golf, sea, aviation museum. Local ingredients and conference facilities.

Party venue

Pepe's Bodega, LOFT & Papa's restaurant

Pepes Bodega, LOFT & Papas - Restaurant, bar and nightclub by the beach in Båstad since 1991.

To do

Väderötrafiken Sälsafari

Explore the seal paradise at Hallands Väderö with M/S Nanny af Torekov, see seals, porpoises & sea birds.
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