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A modern meeting place in a historical atmosphere.

Conference & meetings Båstad

Conference on the Bjäre Peninsula in Scania? Let the power of thought flow and leave the office for conference with location; Båstad & Bjäre Peninsula in Skåne. Wonderful nature, always close to the sea, excellent accommodation, fantastic service and really good food. On the Bjäre Peninsula, it is easy to organize a really good conference that is worth remembering. When you think of the next conference, also think of Båstad & the Bjäre Peninsula. Warm welcome!

Rooms for all meeting types & personalities

In Båstad there is room for curiosity, inspiration & innovation. There are rooms here for all personalities and meeting types. Cinema sittings, group work or personal meetings in the lounge - regardless, we can promise you an extraordinary experience in Båstad & on the Bjäre Peninsula.

Fairs and events

Båstad is an incredible place for fairs and events. We provide you with unique arenas in fantastic environments and professional treatment. We have the knowledge that means you as an organizer can feel safe and dare to be creative. Everything can happen here!

Professional hosting

In Båstad & on the Bjäre Peninsula, we are professionals at hosting and creating unique experiences. We have extensive experience with meetings, events & events. Above all, we love people and always have your needs in focus. Here you can fully enjoy yourself while we take care of all the practical things!


Give yourself something extra

Enjoy warming baths and beneficial treatments. Enjoy something nice to drink and just be for a while.
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All-year golf

Golf destination Bjäre Peninsula

– 132 golf holes
– 6 Golf clubs
– 7 golf courses
- Incredible views
- Close to everything
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Beer tastes good

Take advantage of our range of restaurants, bistros, bars and not least one of Sweden's absolute best nightclubs. Enjoy good food in wonderful surroundings.
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On the Bjäre Peninsula you will find, among other things, the country's best mixologist. Enjoy a classic Old Fashion, Negroni, or a tasty Sour. Perhaps to the view of the sea or immersed in a warming pool and just enjoy.
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Swimmer's high!

Cold bath

Many describe how they feel alert, brave and strong when they take a cold bath. Try it and see if the same feelings arise.


A magical place, the park with its seven style gardens is definitely one of the Bjäre Peninsula's absolute most beautiful destinations. Several exhibitions and events are arranged here annually.
To Norrviken


Journey of discovery

Rent a MTB or go on a trail running tour in the hilly landscape. Discover the Bjäre Peninsula and nature up close, there are incredibly beautiful places to discover.

The Challenge

Start in Båstads hamn, run up along Kyrkogatan then turn right after the church, cross Prästliden's parking lot and make your way around the unforgiving loop in Pershögsskogen and then back to the harbor as fast as you can. Breathe and enjoy the harbor view.
Info about the loop

Båstad meetings & events

Hotel Skansen

Hotel Skansen
Hotel Skansen in Båstad, a spa hotel for those who enjoy life, in the heart of Båstad with the sea around the corner. Bjäresmaker in the kitchen, Kallbadhus on the beach, tennis, paddle, golf and entertainment.

Båstad meetings & events

Hotel Riviera Beach

Hotel Riviera Beach
Hotel Riviera Strand is a new family oasis directly on the beach. Let the sea, sand and nature inspire time together. On and around our entire resort there are environments for play, activity and adventure, places where you can retreat and enjoy the peace. All this with a feeling of luxury and comfort. Hotel Riviera Strand is located in a wonderful part ...

Båstad meetings & events

Valhall Park Hotel

Valhall Park Hotel

Båstad meetings & events

Hotel Erikslund

Hotel Erikslund
In between the Bjäre Peninsula and the Kulla Peninsula, we have created an oasis, easily accessible for you. In our hotel you sleep well in comfortable beds, in our restaurants you eat well-prepared, good food and in our Relaxation Department & Spa you get time for relaxation. Our spa offers wonderful treatments, a rich range of workouts and large well-equipped gym on two levels...

Båstad meetings & events

Hotel & Restaurant Hovs Hallar

Hotel & Restaurant Hovs Hallar
Hotel & Restaurant Hovs Hallar can be found along the coast between Båstad and Torekov. The hotel is located in the middle of the finest nature on the Bjäre Peninsula with direct connection to the nature reserve Hovs Hallar. Come and enjoy the northern tip of the Bjäre Peninsula and direct your gaze towards the unbroken horizon. The hotel is for those who appreciate peace and quiet, good food...

Båstad meetings & events

Torekov Hotel

Torekov Hotel

Båstad meetings & events

Hotell & Spa Lögnäs Gård

Hotell & Spa Lögnäs Gård
A warm welcome to our family farm with charmingly preserved origins from the 1800th century. Here we offer hotel rooms, spa, meeting & conference, restaurant, café, bar, activities & entertainment. Everything in a personal and country style. With us you can stay on luxurious spa packages, mobile home & caravan packages (we have 30 pitches with electricity and access to fantastic...

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