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Sustainable Sips of Swedish Wine: The Bjäre Peninsula Wineries

Författare: One Planet Journey

Outside the window of our summer house in Båstad, on the Bjäre peninsula in southern Sweden, I see our next-door neighbour’s vines weaving in and out of the perforations in the fence, clusters of grapes jostling for space with the late-autumn raspberry bushes. Ah, Sweden – a place where you can trust most things, except perhaps the weather. But, with warmer temperatures, Bjäre peninsula residents have front row seats to a shift from hobby wine enthusiasts to professional, full-throttle commercial vineyards. When you think of Sweden, tech innovation, crisp vodka, sleek design, and sustainable development, might be top of mind. Not vineyards and centuries-old winemaking traditions. This is about to change as the hotter climate brings the frontier of wine to northern lands.

As an entrepreneur and startup nerd, I can’t help but draw parallels between the ongoing wine movement and the Swedish tech revolution I played a part in. When the startup culture found its legs and sprouted like wildflower, our community drew comparisons with Silicon Valley, and has gone onwards and upwards ever since. Swedish tech became synonymous with top-tier innovations, building on a legacy of visionary pioneers and industry giants who had laid the groundwork and infrastructure for the blossoming which followed. With a long-standing dedication to innovation, devotion to sustainability, and its collaborative approach, Sweden has the chance to make a mark for itself as a new, high-quality producer in the old world of wine.

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Torekov Hotell spa

Mitt ute i den skånska myllan bland böljande backar och havets brus, har du ditt lilla paradis. Här




Märkesportalen: 600 m2 butik, toppmärken till oslagbara priser – Rut & Circle, Adidas, m.m.



SOEDER Countryhouse & Kitchen

SOEDER Countryhouse & Kitchen - Lantlig tillflyktsort på Bjärehalvön. Boutique hotell och unik matupplevelse.


Se & göra

Båstad Golfklubb – gamla banan

Gamla Banan som är Sveriges näst äldsta 18-hålsbana är en klassiker bland svenska parkbanor.


Se & göra

RAVINEN Kulturhus

Upplev konst och musik i världsklass och njut av lunch och fika med fantastisk utsikt året runt.

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