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Hike all year round

Hike all year round on the Bjäre Peninsula & be captivated by the views!


Tips for you who hike!

20 scenic hiking tours



Ingrid Persson Skog takes you on guided tours filled with exciting stories and wonderful nature experiences.
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Bjäre Banvall


Båstad Hiking Festival, 15-17 October 2021


The nature reserve on the Bjäre Peninsula

Do you like running

Visit the Swedish west coast and the Båstad & Bjäre peninsula. In a hilly coastal landscape, you may get to experience Sweden's best morning round? Watch the movie and enjoy wonderful views!



Active lifestyle on the Bjäre Peninsula


More tips for you who hike.

A photographic hike 8-10 May

Join a pilgrimage inspired by pilgrimages. You walk with a guide along the magical coast of the Bjäre Peninsula, it includes a photography course, overnight stays and meals.

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Arranges archeological walks and lectures focusing on local history.

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Haglöfs comes from Sweden, a country with extreme weather and vast landscapes. A place where nature is not remote, but the very essence of our culture and our society. Haglöfs does its utmost to design equipment that will be helpful to everyone everywhere on their own outdoor adventure. Haglöfs was founded in 1914 by Wiktor Haglöf, a visionary with a dream and a toolbox. "Our history has developed from a modest beginning and we have ventured out on unknown lands and developed technical designers who set a new standard for the craft."

- At Haglöfs we are "Outsiders by Nature". We draw outside the lines, think outside the box and live outside our comfort zones. We encourage an exploratory side, both physically and mentally, by embracing nature. We believe that everyone can experience nature, and do everything we can to ensure that it is preserved so that future generations also have the opportunity to explore it. ”

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From the shop you look out towards Sinarpsdalen and Lindegren's own red hills. Here you can buy organic beef and pork, your own charcuterie and lamb from nearby farms. Lindegrens also arranges guided food walks in scenic landscapes. 

Hiking is my passion, photographing my profession.

This hike is intended as a foretaste and inspiration for those who want to hike more actively, for example on any of the Camino trails or Alpine trails in Europe. We have therefore chosen hostels where the participants share a room (alternatives are available for those who absolutely want to keep to themselves).

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The nature conservation association Bjare's main goal is to protect and provide knowledge about nature and the environment on the Bjäre Peninsula.

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The association Framtidsbygd Hjärnarp annually arranges this exciting hike that reminds us of how dangerous it could be several 100 years ago to travel across Hallandsåsen! 

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