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Hiking beyond the ordinary

Live well, eat well and hike in fantastic natural environments. You can walk along the entire coastal strip & be captivated by magnificent views. You can walk from coast to coast across the Bjäre Peninsula in one day and finish with a cold bath, a seaweed bath or a bath in warm outdoor pools. You can hike in deep forests on Hallandsåsen, in crisp beech forest, magical fir forest or why not picturesque village walks in Båstad or Torekov. 

There are nice hiking trails here for all tastes!

Good to know before your hike

Guided walks

Our nature reserves

Right of public access

Children playing with seaweed in the turquoise sea at Halland's Väderö

Culture along the way

Along your walks you will find public art, cozy galleries and artisans. Take the opportunity to make an extra stop during your hike. 

Spa Torekov Hotel

Accommodations that enhance your hiking experience

Combine your hiking experience with good accommodation and good food or maybe a SPA along the way!? 

Emma from Bjäre in her raspberry farm

Experiences & sights along the way

Sights, nature experiences museum, art & culture. Experience more along the way! 

Couple drinking bubbly and sparing in Båstad.

SPA experiences for the connoisseur of life

Combine a hiking experience with a SPA bath and enjoyment of life along the way. 

Discover Båstad's trails on Wikiloc

We have an official profile on Wikiloc, where we have uploaded scenic hiking and cycling trails in Båstad municipality.

You can navigate these trails for free using the Wikiloc app, even offline! You just need to download the Wikiloc app, log in or create an account, download the offline map of the area, select the trail and press start to follow the route!

Halland's Väderö forever

Awesome selfie spots on the Bjäre Peninsula

Classic destination on the Bjäre Peninsula

Tips for 20 hiking tours

Båstad Hiking
Guided hikes in Båstad & on the Bjäre Peninsula! #bastadhiking
Båstad & Bjäre Peninsula
Bjäre Banvall Båstad-Förslöv, 14...
Forsløv Bokesliden
Hiking the Axelstorps loop, 9 km
Hiking Around Båstad, 9...
Start Båstad square
Hiking Bjärleden Runt, 70...
Start and finish in Båstad
Hiking Grevie Slopes, 5...
Start: Grusåsvägen 1, Grevie or/or Killebäcktorpsvägen 144, Båstad
Hiking Hålehall Blue loop,...
Blue loop goes on a forest road and is suitable for prams.
Start at Friluftsfrämjandet's cottage in Hålehall
Hiking Halland's Väderö
By boat from Torekovs Hamn
Wandering Court's Halls
Start Hovs Hallar Hotel & Restaurant
Hiking In Birgit Nilsson's...
Start at Birgit Nilsson's Museum
Hiking Lilla Bjärleden Around,...
Start & finish in Båstad
Hiking Sinarpsdalen, 4 km
Hiking Skåneleden Ängelsbäcksstrand –...
Hiking Skåneleden Båstad-Torekov, 24...
Hiking Skåneleden Brammarp –...
Hiking Skåneleden Torekov –...
Hiking trail Båstad - Hålehall...
Start: Friluftsfrämjandet's cottage at Hålehall
Hiking trail Båstad - Hålehall...
Start: Friluftsfrämjandet's cottage at Hålehall
Hiking trail Båstad - Hålehall...
Start: Friluftsfrämjandet's cottage at Hålehall
Hiking trail Kustslingan, 12 km
Start; The template.
Pershögskogen hiking trail, 1,2 km