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Tennis put Båstad on the map. For seven decades, it has maintained its strong position in the town. With only a hundred meters between the beach and the tennis stadium, the location is world unique! Tennis is also an important local sport with many practitioners. At Båstad Sportcenter there is an absolute top class facility with 14 gravel courts, six indoor courts and a paddle court.

Nordea Open

The tennis world's top players meet in Båstad to settle in what is the fourth oldest Grand Prix tournament in the world. 

Do you think paddle is fun? Here you will find information for booking a paddle course in Båstad & on the Bjäre Peninsula. By the way, did you know that Sweden's first paddle court is in the harbor in Båstad. 

Gustav V - the tennis king also called Mr G. Who was he? Why is he connected to Båstad and the Bjäre Peninsula? Read more about him and other royalty who have visited the Swedish Open over the years. 

Tennis courts

Play around the Bjäre Peninsula on both gravel, grass and hard court surfaces. Here you will find a map of the courses' location and booking information.

Build your own tennis package, You can play all year round!

Hotel Skansen

Hotel Skansen is located in the middle of Båstad, a stone's throw from the harbor and with the world-famous tennis courts right next door. The hotel dates from 1877 and has been continuously expanded since 1990 to become a charming mini-metropolis. Carefully shaped and deliberately perfected to blend into the picturesque cultural area.
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Hotel Riviera Beach

Hotel Riviera Strand is a new family oasis right on the beach. Let the sea, the sand and nature inspire time together. On and around our entire resort there are environments for play, activity and adventure, places where you can retreat and enjoy the tranquility. All this with a sense of luxury and comfort.
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More tips:

Båstad Vandrarhem is centrally located in Båstad. As a guest with us, you are close to swimming, tennis, shopping, gym, playground for children, good parking opportunities and the unique nature of the Bjäre Peninsula.

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Museum with a ball feel! In the middle of Båstad is Sweden's only tennis museum. The museum offers a lot of content and many famous names in a small space. Guided tours can be booked. If you also want to visit Båstad Centercourt, this is within walking distance of the museum.

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Tennis is part of 70 Riksidrottsförbundet (RF) together with XNUMX other special sports federations and will work together to advance the positions of sports and get more interested and involved. Together we have a responsibility to live up to the overall goal Strategy 2025.

Like RF's definition of Swedish sports as the organized activity in associations and federations, we make the same definition of Swedish tennis, ie the activity conducted in associations, regions and federations. Our vision, together with Swedish tennis' common strategies, values ​​and goals, form the cornerstones of Direction 2020.

The Swedish Tennis Association's operational work is governed by the association's roadmap. Through clear initiatives and goals, the roadmap will influence the outcome of the common direction of travel for Swedish tennis 2020, so that tennis is developed according to what the members decide.

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Should you participate in a racket sport event, play paddle or enjoy the Swedish open as a participant

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