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Båstad is the place for you who love racket sports. The history of tennis in Båstad stretches back to the beginning of the 1900th century when the first tennis courts were built and players and society were drawn to Båstad. Båstad is also the place in Sweden that built the first padel court and put padel on the map of Sweden. Today you will find both unique padel and tennis courts for training, world-class events such as Nordea Open and Bull Padel Explosion, all in a picturesque and genuine environment. 


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A sweaty guide to Båstad


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Our tennis and padel courts


Tennis & Padel
Torekov Golf Club
Råledsvägen 31
Äppelgården Golf Club
Hallandsvägen 400
Bjäre Golf Club
Salomonhögsvägen 336
Malen's Padel
Kalkvägen 3 269 36, Båstad
Båstad Padel Station Square
Stationstorget 5 26943, Båstad
Båstad Sports Center
Korrödsvägen 9, 269 38 Båstad
The center court
Kyrkogatan 3, 269 33 Båstad