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À la Bjärehalvön

Spa, recreation and beauty

Imagine getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, just enjoying the moment. Everyone needs to recharge their batteries properly at some point and where is better than here among beautiful nature and vast sea. Regardless of when in the year, the Bjäre Peninsula is a haven for those who want to relax and just feel good.

Imagine enjoying a nice massage and then sitting in a steaming hot sauna 60 meters out into the water which is surrounded by glass while the wind blows outside. The company consists of close friends or why not be completely alone for a while and just be. You enjoy a good drink and when it gets too hot you just have to go out, there is a staircase straight down to the sea. After climbing the cold stairs, the sauna is again absolutely wonderful.

Total relaxation prevails and now the day ends with a tasty three-course menu to then crawl into a soft hotel bed. The next day it is time to return to everyday life but something has happened, all stress is gone and what comes with home is energy, lots of energy.


Hotel Skansen

For several hundred years, people have come to the spa town of Båstad to feel good and get new energy.

At Hotel Skansen you can enjoy both the spa and a visit to the cold bath house. Treat yourself to a relaxing spa treatment, warm up in the sauna or Japanese outdoor pool, then plunge into the cooling sea waters.

Torekov HotelL

Already along the beautiful roads to Torekov Hotel Mother Nature offers a foretaste of the beautiful feeling that characterizes life and the days here at SPA. Air, water, fire and earth are nature's own elements and on this beneficial source of power their philosophy is based.

Hotell & Spa Lögnäs farm

Country hotel Lögnasgård offers you a sauna, foot bath, tropical showers, ice rain, outdoor pool, terraces, lounge, massage chairs etc. Furnishings consist of bricks, beams, rustic materials and large candelabra, lanterns and candles. All to create a comfortable, cozy and wonderful feeling. 

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KarinCecilia was started by Karin Hansson in 1997 when she trained as a hairdresser, skin therapist and makeup artist. It has always been obvious for Karin to have a broad knowledge to meet customers' needs. Today, Karin mostly works as a hairdresser and makeup artist. Bridal styling is what is extra fun.

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Feel good

Health is about feeling good

Be happy and have a body that lasts. The trend of yoga and forms of exercise with a focus on functionality, well-being and mental focus continues. Several yoga studios operate all year round. There are also therapists who offer a wide range of treatments: massage, reflexology, acupuncture, homeopathy. For functional disorders and rehabilitation, there is a naprapath, chiropractor and physiotherapist with their own clinics. Hot and cold baths have long been considered healthy. In the resort's childhood, hot bath houses were established in Båstad and Torekov for the resort's visitors. Still today, the business in Torekov's Warmbadhus is conducted according to tradition with hot seaweed baths. In Båstad, the cold bath house is open all year round with a sauna, Japanese pool and icy refreshing dip in the sea.

Training & GYM

Facilities with gym and group training are available in both Båstad and Torekov. The gym is connected to Torekov Hotell, Hotel Skansen, Hotell Riviera and Båstad sports center. At Entré Båstad there is Friskis & Svetti's training facility with gym and
group training. Nearby is the Health Studio with gym and group exercise. There is an outdoor gym below Hotel Skansen, at Apelrydsskolan and at Malen, from which several exercise and electric light trails also depart.


For the runner, this is paradise. Terrain as well as country roads offer good training opportunities with many challenges and surfaces. Jog calmly along the beach or train your maximum heart rate on steep slopes or experience unexplored parts of the peninsula with a running guide. During the year, several popular exercise races and one of Sweden's most beautiful and challenging long distance races - the Båstad Marathon - are arranged.


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