By Båstad Tourism & Business

By Båstad Tourism & Business

Shopping Båstad & Bjärehalvön

Here you will find the absolute best shopping and the most beautiful shops. On the Bjäre Peninsula there is most and a little more. Shop locally and do it with care. We love Bjäre!

Elins Flowers

At Elins Blommor in Boarp we are open all year round, you will find plants for home and garden, soil, pots and selected details for the home. We do everything in binding and help. You from order to delivery.

Home feeling coffee & tea

In the middle of central Båstad, we have the store open all year round and offer; freshly ground coffee from whole beans in bulk. Large assortment of loose weight teas and coffee beans for sale in loose weight. We also offer certain crockery, accessories and confectionery, biscuits, jams and other goodies. For opening hours and other information, have a look at our Facebook page Hemmakänslakaffe & te


Duo from Halmstad who have combined their dreams in food and interior design. Simple but tasty dishes on the menu, salads, homemade coffee, beer and wine dishes, organic coffee & interior details from well-known brands. Meet a environment and a feeling that reflects at home and away at the same time - where everything around you is for sale.

Offers dining, takeaway, office food & catering. Extra - Breakfast buffet every Friday and afterwork on the last Thursday of every month (except December)

Address: Designgården, Ängelholmsvägen 28, Båstad (Opposite the rescue service) There is the possibility of parking outside.

Båstad Seafood

Båstad Seafood sells all the good things from the sea at the Entré Båstad shopping area, Skåne. Båstad Seafood consists of both a shop and a restaurant that offers Sweden's largest range of fish. We offer a complete range of fresh fish, seafood, ready meals, delicacies and lots of other unique products from the sea. All year round, delicious and tasty dishes are served from our menu and in a relaxed and Scandinavian restaurant environment. If you would rather take something delicious home with you or where you are going - there is more than you can imagine in our store.

Design House Stockholm open

The best of Scandinavian design collected on 1000 square meters in Boarp between Torekov and Båstad. Brands Ceannis / Himla / Iris Hantverk / Korbo / Lexington / Linum / Mateus / Mille Notti / Mimou / Pappelina / Shepherd / Steamery / Stelton / Watt & Veke / Wildlife Garden / Design House Stockholm

Hk Sport & Golf

HK Sports & Golf is the store with the wide range of clothing, shoes, leisure, golf and tennis. We have been established on the Bjäre Peninsula since 2001 and our business idea is to sell well-known brands at lower prices. We have a large selection of casual wear and shoes from well-known brands such as Röhnisch, Daily Sports, Ecco, FJ, Callaway, Titleist, Cobra, Salomon, Adidas, Asics, Puma, Didriksons, Helly Hansen, The Defender, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Lacoste, Lyle & Scott et al.

The brand portal

At Båstadporten in Östra Karup is the Brand Portal. A large store of 600 m2 with selected designer clothes and shoes at unbeatable prices. Brands such as Rut & Circle, Ajlajk, Jack & Jones, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Defender, Didriksons, Adidas, Puma, Kari Traa, New York Portable Design m.fl.


We at Optica offer a wide range of frames, glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, vision aids such as magnifying glasses and magnifying glasses, binoculars and weather stations. We have a complete workshop where we grind your new glasses ourselves, and we can also help you with a repair if the accident has occurred. Optica opened the store in Båstad in 2008 when Andersons Optik handed over its operations. In connection with the takeover, we rebuilt the premises and modernized the examination room with the latest technology. You can still find us at Köpmansgatan 66 in Båstad. The store is run by Rob Verbeeck, legal optician, together with Camilla Bengtsson, legal optician. Emily Sourial Enkel, Gergis Sourial and Tina Filipsson., Optician's assistants. We at Optica specialize in what we call our "Eye Health Examination", which is a form of qualified visual health care. The examination is mainly recommended for those who are over 50 years old, or with a known heredity for eye disease. We then measure the pressure in your eyes, make a field of view measurement and photograph your fundus. We assess all information, and in the event of deviations, you are quickly referred on for further care. Our staff is continuously trained, all so that you as a customer can be offered the best service and competence. Our slogan is: Your eyes in good hands. Welcome to us at Optica, your quality optician in Båstad!

Skåne Candle Factory

The Skåne candle factory is located just south of Hallandsåsen in northwestern Skåne in a small village called Ängeltofta. Only 100% candles have been manufactured here traditionally since 1951. Skånska Stearinljusfabriken is a royal court supplier and one of Sweden's leading candle suppliers to Sweden's churches and parishes.

The barn in Boarp

At Ladan you will find everything from toys, gift items, candles, tools, paint, carpets, hygiene items to shoes and clothes. A total of over 30 articles. Our ambition is to be affordable. Being able to serve our customers in the best possible way is also a matter of course for us. Welcome to a different discount store.

Elin Arvid, The shop on the farm

The shops on the farm are an experience in the Scanian countryside between Båstad and Torekov. Here is Style and Taste under one roof! AUNT GREEN is a different farm shop in the middle of the country with a large assortment of cheese and flavors. Here you will find everything from locally produced food pearls to more long-distance goodies! Raspberries are an obvious favorite during the summer season. Visit Aunt Green Facebook ELIN ARVID is a store with clothes and shoes for both him and her. Quality brands with style can be found here such as Boomerang, Mos Mosh, Hansen & Jacob, Oscar of Sweden, Miss Mee, Fynch Hatton, Isay, By Jolima, Loke and others. Visit Butikerna på gården - Tant Grön / Elin Arvid on Facebook!

Craving for shopping?

The Bjäre Peninsula offers varied and unique shopping in several places. Within a short radius, there is an incredible amount to offer. First-class and personal service is offered from stores that are passionate about their products. Buy a stylish and fashionable outfit, buy new shoes or delicacies for the party. It may be new appliances that attract or should the home be updated and get new exciting furnishings. Buy coffee for the hike or a wonderful full day at the beach.


You will find Boarp just above the Italian road, a shopping area with a large and appreciated selection that attracts visitors from all over the area. Buy food, coffee, shoes, home decor, design, art and plants. There is also a cozy café and a really good bicycle workshop.


Famous Köpmansgatan stretches through central Båstad and has several shops and restaurants. Businesses with different specializations and offerings, flower shop, bank, petrol station, optician, watchmaker, beauty salons, restaurants, cafés and not least a number of fashion shops.

Båstad Gate

A shopping area that meets visitors at the entrance from Europaväg 6. There are several businesses that offer flowers, animal articles, greenhouses, conservatories, fashion outlets, brand stores and garden furniture.


Famous Köpmansgatan stretches through central Båstad and has several shops and restaurants. Businesses with different specializations and offerings, flower shop, bank, petrol station, optician, watchmaker, beauty salons, restaurants, cafés and not least a number of fashion shops.


Here you will find a delicatessen, farm shop, salons, sewing shop, grocery store, hardware store, sale of handicrafts and lambskin.

A traditional bookstore and café on a historic cobblestone farm in the middle of Båstad. In Sweden's perhaps the most beautiful bookstore are the books - from paperbacks for bookworms to masterpieces, non-fiction and children's books.

Blomsterberg's beds in Ängelholm always have beds in stock for you who want fast delivery!

At Köpmansgatan 63 in central Båstad, there is a sale of loose weight tea, coffee, etc. More than 90 kinds of delicious loose weight tea, many different kinds of good coffee for fresh grinding in the shop. Biscuits, jams, chocolates, confectionery and other goodies. 

Coffee and tea for take away with a treat that can be taken in the "step".

A warm welcome to Hemmakänsla!

When choosing boiled soap
you get a locally produced soap made from mild surfactants and which is completely free of parabens and sulphate.
We make the liquid soap in Båstad and the solid soap is made for us in Helsingborg

A duo from Halmstad who have combined their dreams in food and interior design.

Here you will find simple but tasty dishes on the menu, salads, homemade coffee, dishes, organic coffee & interior details from well-known brands.

You are met by an environment and a feeling that reflects at home and away at the same time. In addition, everything around you is for sale ”

Here you will find locally grown flowers of high quality all year round, selling everything from cut flowers to trees and hedges. They help you from order to delivery. Their goal is to make all the gardens and homes on Bjäre even more beautiful and flowering!

Elon has knowledgeable and service-oriented staff at your service. Thanks to their central warehouse, they can guarantee delivery within a large part of their range within three days of what they do not have at home in the store. In Båstad there is also a trailer rental!

E. Andersson's watchmaker has its own watchmaker who makes most repairs to floor clocks, wall clocks, table clocks and wristwatches. Among other things, we have a license for Omega repairs. E. Andersson sells watches, jewelry, christening gifts, binoculars etc. E. Andersson makes sure that your gold and silver jewelery is repaired and that your trophies are engraved.

The story of Ernst Textil began to be written almost 30 years ago when Ernst Dahlberg left his job to invest in his business idea in a true entrepreneurial spirit. The home was initially both an office and a warehouse, and Ernst's eye for color and pattern, together with good contacts at the supplier level, made customers make a pilgrimage to the house in Båstad. Soon, houses, garages and gardens were cluttered with fabrics. When the situation became unsustainable, the company moved to the place it is today, Östra Karup. In 2006, the sons Magnus and Johan Dahlberg took over the company after being piloted into the business for a while by their father.

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Electronics store in Båstad that is passionate about technology and their goal is always to find the right solution for their customers. In addition, they are close at hand to be able to pull out and help you.

Specializing in Persian rugs from different districts. Welcome to Gallery Orient's cozy little shop with many rugs.

Come to the store in Båstad and browse among a selection of Haglöfs' range. Haglöfs guides you to find the right clothes for your next adventure - big or small.


+46 720715713

Köpmansgatan 9D

269 ​​32 Båstad

Haglöfs comes from Sweden, a country with extreme weather and vast landscapes. A place where nature is not remote, but the very essence of our culture and our society. Haglöfs does its utmost to design equipment that will be helpful to everyone everywhere on their own outdoor adventure. Haglöfs was founded in 1914 by Wiktor Haglöf, a visionary with a dream and a toolbox. "Our history has developed from a modest beginning and we have ventured out on unknown lands and developed technical designers who set a new standard for the craft."

- At Haglöfs we are "Outsiders by Nature". We draw outside the lines, think outside the box and live outside our comfort zones. We encourage an exploratory side, both physically and mentally, by embracing nature. We believe that everyone can experience nature, and do everything we can to ensure that it is preserved so that future generations also have the opportunity to explore it. ”

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Johanna works with graphic design, product design, patterns and book design.
Also project management and creative development of a complete concept for business development, profiling, products and original production.

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Johannesens has served customers with clothes for 50 years. What started with workwear is today a modern store for the comfortable life, focused on "casual wear" for both men and women, with strong brands, good prices and personal service.
With the famous Axelstorps ravine around the corner, safely surrounded by the beautiful beech forest, customers from near and far are given the opportunity to combine clothing purchases with a wonderful nature experience. 

Since the start in 1962, jeans have been our great passion at Johannesens Klädeshandel. Here on the shelf are jeans from size 24 and up to 40 inches and both men's and women's jeans. Many popular brands are represented. Replay, Nudie Jeans, Lee, Levi´s, NYDJ, Gant and Tommy Hilfiger Denim are some examples.

The store also alternates garments from classic Gant, trendy Samsøe Samsøe and British Barbour. Do not miss our fine selection of both men's and women's shoes, from Australian RM Willams, British Crockett & Jones, and innovative Gant Footwear. Outside the door, the birds are chirping.

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At Hoppiloo you will find perfect gifts for children who "have it all"! Large selection of hair accessories, hair bows, tulle skirts, bow ties and braces for adults & children, dream catchers and children's room furnishings! Check out our range. Always free shipping. 

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The shop for the tough and stylish woman, you will find us on Köpmansgatan in Båstad.

Cashmere of absolute top quality combined with environmental awareness, personal service and many choices is a short description of House of Knitting's operations. Our studio on the Bjäre Peninsula designs, manufactures and sells knitted garments in Kashmir. Our garments are made completely seamless and are wonderfully comfortable to wear, they follow the contours of the body and fall nicely thanks to the high quality of cashmere.

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KattvikDesign makes smart, carefully thought-out quality products that solve everyday challenges. Which makes your everyday life and party a little more comfortable. Perfect year-round gifts.

Here is Teddykompaniet's regular range from pacifier blankets to giant crocodiles, an outlet department with an outgoing range, a wide range from Kids Concept, both furniture and small items. JaBaDaBaDo's nice things, there are lots of them and wooden toys from Hape and Vilac.

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NP Nilsson provides what builders, farmers, companies and consumers need for their constructions. Everything from wood products, building materials to kitchens and bathrooms.

Le Spice in Båstad is a food company that produces gourmet products with precision and pride. Food crafts where everything is made by hand in Båstad. 

The product packaging is elegant and therefore also a fantastic gift. Welcome to a culinary journey of discovery!



The light source at Bjäre casts and casts handmade and home-cast candles, which are then decorated or arranged. A perfect gift for everyone!
They also arrange candle casting courses.

Southern Sweden's most well-stocked store of underwear, nightwear, swimwear, socks, bags, shoes for women & men with well-known brands of high quality.

Sebago in Båstad offers the best from Sebago's collections with a large selection of both men's and women's clothing, but of course also Docksides and other shoes. Meet their friendly staff and let yourself be inspired by life on the sea, the jetty or just the feeling of tranquility along the coast. 

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Petite Olivia is an exclusive Swedish brand with customers from all corners of the world.

The brand is known for its exclusively handmade hair bows that have been sold in 10000 copies. The rosette is recognizable from bloggers, celebrities, royalty and the media.

Designer: Johanna Engberg. Entrepreneur, founders of the children's clothing concept ByEngberg and Petite Olivia, Sweden's children's clothing expert, freelance in children's fashion.

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At Ridersport, you will find a well-selected mix of basic products and well-known brands in the industry, all at market-adapted prices, fast deliveries and happy service! We often have many campaigns both in the webshop and in our warehouse store in Östra Karup, Båstad right by the E: 6, exit 39. We also sell affordable feed and chips in the store. 

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Vita Snäckan - a cozy shop with furnishings, clothes and jewelry in the middle of Båstad.

Sports shops offers the best brands at the best prices! Large selection of sporting goods. Shop easily online! Clothes for all weathers. Fast deliveries. Always best price. Types: Jackets, Shorts, Shoes, Swimwear, Tights, Underwear, Sweaters, Tops, T-shirts.

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Exclusive greenhouses, classic orangeries and conservatories and conservatories from some of Europe's leading manufacturers. Vansta garden have what you are looking for.

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Quinte is a cozy summer store located on Köpmansgatan. In the shop you will find a selection of summer musts such as shorts, pirate trousers, summer dresses, tops and blouses.

Applies to several stores and businesses on the Bjäre Peninsula. A gift that gives the recipient a great choice and in addition you as a buyer support the local industry. Win, win simply! 

Available for purchase at the tourist office in Båstad: Köpmansgatan 1

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