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Winter on the Bjäre Peninsula

Winter in Norrviken

Well worth a visit

When darkness descends and winter is approaching, Norrviken welcomes you to a glittering winter wonderland of hope, light and warmth. We light the fairy-tale tree, let the light guide us and fill our hearts with community, care and joy. Bring your family, friends and colleagues, enjoy lights, music, fire shows and delicious local food. Under the moonlight and crisp starlight, we inspire all the senses to a magical experience. Here there is no place for darkness, only hope, light and warmth. You are warmly welcome to create a new tradition with us at Norrviken's gardens.

What's happening right now?

Spa experiences

The health resort of Bjäre

The Bjäre peninsula has been a health resort and recreation area since the end of the 1800th century. Here you can enjoy pleasant treatments in beautiful surroundings.


Cross-country skiing


Glide forward over Bjäre

Around the beautiful Bjäre Peninsula, it is possible to go cross-country skiing in favorable conditions and snow. Train before the Vasa race, enjoy nature in a new way or warm up before the mountain holiday.

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Close, varied and magnificent golf

The golf destination Bjäre Peninsula

Båstad & Bjäre Peninsula provides a magnificent golfing experience with rich history, unparalleled views and a variety of spectacular golf courses that are hard to find anywhere else. Golf destination Bjärehalvön provides a whole with first-class service, really good food, good accommodation and complementary activities such as tennis, padel, cycling, hiking, spa and shopping.

Our golf courses

A winter gift?

The gift card

Hela Bjäres Gift Card is a nice gift that is valid in several places around the peninsula.

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Adventures around the Bjäre Peninsula


Two Peninsulas

Båstad, Ängelholm & Höganäs

Two peninsulas, the Bjäre Peninsula & the Kulla Peninsula offer several great adventures and suggestions for excursions that are also suitable during the autumn.

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Warming room

Well worth a visit

The Bjäre peninsula offers warming rooms all year round. Warm service, luxurious hotel breakfasts and relaxing SPA experiences. That gets you ready for the next day.

What's happening right now?

What's happening this winter?

Winter event

Winter offers several events, culture, exhibitions, openings and several concerts.


Get out and enjoy!



The Bjäre Peninsula is has several places to explore all year round. During the winter, it is often snow and ice-free, which makes it easy to get across the landscape. Once there is snow, the landscape takes on a completely different character, a magical feeling that must be experienced on the spot. Through our 130 km of marked trails, there is something for everyone, only when you have walked them all can you say that you have a handle on the Bjäre Peninsula.

New and familiar rides


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