Winter on the Bjäre Peninsula

The Bjäre Peninsula is the most beautiful excursion destination in the winter, there is plenty to do and experience here. Good accommodation, varied and unique shopping, genuine food culture. Cycle, shop, eat good food or enjoy in one of our spas. All this with less than 2 hours drive from Gothenburg, Copenhagen and Malmö.


Really relax this fall.
Enjoy magical spa experiences on the Bjäre Peninsula this autumn. Really relaxing in beautiful surroundings close to the sea.
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The best shopping of the winter is available:
The best shopping of the winter is available:

The best shopping of the winter is available:
The best shopping of the winter is available:

Hoka Torekov Båstad

Sign up for the best running experience of the year
It promises: - "Smiles, joy and beautiful views - luxury running simply 👌🏻"

Stay really cozy this winter!


Treat yourself to living really cozy this fall. Imagine being able to wake up without having to stress, enjoy delicious hotel breakfasts and just be. Also in Sweden's perhaps most beautiful area on the Bjäre Peninsula in Skåne. Welcome to us this fall.
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Winter in Norrviken

November 25 to December 13
Play Sweden's best golf this winter ..
... on the beloved Bjäre Peninsula ...
in wonderful Scania.

Only the best

- is good enough, of course it's about food!


The nature is incredibly beautiful on the Bjäre Peninsula, enjoy fantastic views.

Enjoy the winter, enjoy the Bjäre Peninsula

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Here you will find the Bjäre Peninsula's events this winter.

What happens?

Båstad & Bjärehalvön often offers really good events. Go in and look at what will happen in the future.
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Sweden's best cycling
... on the beloved Bjäre Peninsula ...
... the season is long.

The best gift of winter

- gift card à la Båstad & Bjärehalvön.

Make someone else happy

- treat someone to a gift card this fall.
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