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Rock bathing vs beach bathing

Cliff bathing vs. beach bathing is a three-round duel. The premise is, of course, that on the Bjäre Peninsula you will find both rocks and beaches from which to swim.

What is the most beautiful? What is the best swimming spot? There is something special about the rocks in Torekov and Kattvik. But Ängelsbäck beach and light, soft and warm sand between your toes, it's still summer, isn't it?

Time for the duel. Three relevant questions make up three rounds. It will be even. Now we go, rock bathing vs beach bathing.

Round 1: What is most family-friendly?

The sandy beach is usually the family's favorite. Long shallow, occupation for any length of time (don't forget spade), easy to plant a parasol. On the other hand, this sand. Into every skin fold, into every food and into the fabric of every bathing suit.

But rocks are slippery and hard. It is difficult to bathe, deep and no parent can relax. The concern about abrasions and skull injuries is too great. Despite all the little grains of sand, it's 1-0 to beach bathing.

Round 2: What is most picnic-friendly?

The sandy beach is also popular here. You can half lie down, spread out a blanket on a fairly flat surface, be many people in one place. It is easy to swim for all ages. But sand and food don't mix well. It gets crunchy. Someone drops a new potato in the sand. Someone shakes a bath towel right into the salad.

On the rocks it becomes more sophisticated. The food lasts. A returning bather does not add a layer of sand to the pie. A dip does not affect the buffet. The dropped new potatoes can be eaten. Here the rock bath wins. It's 1-1. 

Round 3: What is most photo-friendly?

It will go out in stories, tictoc, snap, facebook and insta. Of course you should brag about your bath. But where do the pictures look best? On the cliffs there is often some lovely height, and if you find a cliff to jump from, it can be a really nice and sporty picture.

But the beach. Here you get that overexposed light, you can run in the shallow water and throw yourself into a wave. It doesn't get more Baywatch than that. Stranden wins the round and thus the match 2-1. 

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