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Are you looking for a place for the night with your motorhome, caravan or perhaps a tent in Northwest Skåne. Then Båstad & Bjärehalvön is an excellent place. There is both a campsite, a campsite and a cabin available. Lots of activities and experiences within one and the same area in southern Sweden, Skåne, when you go camping.  

Båstad Camping is a gem where the Bjäre Peninsula meets the sea. Experience fantastic nature with countless excursion destinations on the Scanian Riviera. Whether you come with a caravan, motorhome or tent. There is also a small restaurant run by the campsite's own management. Your home near the sea - good to feel easy to reach. A warm welcome!
It is a scenic campsite located right by the sea about 4 km west of Båstad. The campsite was built in 1988 and comprises 170 places for caravans / motorhomes, of which 14 places are pitches adjacent to the campsite. At the entrance is a reception building which also contains a service shop. In the middle of the campsite there is a modern service house with toilets, showers handicap toilet / shower, laundry room, dish space. A small service house with toilet, disabled toilet, and latrine emptying is in the far part of the campsite. There are two playgrounds with slightly different play equipment. We have boules courts, mini golf course, table tennis, play corner, barbecue area and a meeting room with TV. Adjacent to the parking space there is a latrine emptying for motorhomes and refilling of fresh water. Welcome to Caravan Club Norrviken Norrvikens Camping is one of about 34 campsites run by Caravan Club. We are a member of the Swedish Camping and Cottage Entrepreneurs' National Organization (SCR). Uncertainty arises as to which organization's rules and instructions Caravan Clubs or SCRs apply, Caravan Clubs has priority. From the campsite it is only 50 meters to the sea. The bathing area is handicapped accessible with a ramp and a bathing pier with ladder. The beach consists mostly of stones cut by the sea. Maybe not the most child-friendly, but for those who want a sandy beach, it is not far to go. There is something for everyone. Båstad offers many different events such as Swedish Open tennis, Diggiloo, Craft fair, Summer On festival. Why not visit the famous Norrvikens gardens? Through our cooperation, you can easily get there via the gate closest to the campsite. If you do not take the car to Båstad, there is a pedestrian / bicycle path along the sea. This is part of the Kattegat trail. If you like golf, there are many different courses on the Bjäre Peninsula to choose from. Why not hike a stretch on the Skåneleden, or book a time for paddling. There are 2 courses right next to the campsite.
Our campsite in Torekov is located right down by the Kattegat in one of Sweden's most popular summer resorts. Here it is easy to understand why cozy Torekov is so attractive with its cobbled streets, rich cultural life and sights. At First Camp Torekov - Båstad you live in cozy cabins or on a camping site in a motorhome, caravan or tent with a location close to the sea. After a swim in the sea, the children take the opportunity to play with their newfound friends and the lucky animal Yessi in the campsite's kids club. The children jump and play while the adults can enjoy a quiet moment on the bistro's terrace, or maybe hit a few strokes at the adventure golf? Welcome to us in Torekov!

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Norrvikens Camping

A scenic and peaceful camping which is located by the sea about 4 kilometers west of Båstad. It is only 50 meters to the beach which consists of stones cut by the sea.

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