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Farm shop safari

A lovely farm shop safari among the area's growers and breeders is a joy. Freshly harvested vegetables and fruit as well as artisanally produced food products - is there anything more rural and cosy? The tour below is a suggested tour that takes you around the Bjäre Peninsula to Hov, on to Segelstorp and back to Båstad again. There are many more wonderful farm shops to visit, several of which you'll drive past on the tour we describe below, and you can easily extend your farm shop safari. 

Vegetable cart

Start by steering the basket towards Torekov. In Hov, turn right, aiming for the vegetable cart in Ingelstorp, not far from Hov's halls. Here, self-service applies to lush carts with today's harvest. The range varies with the season.  


Turn back towards Västra Karup in the middle of the Bjäre Peninsula and stop at Aunt Green. In this nice and well-stocked shop you will find delicacies and good cheeses both from the local area and all over Europe. 

Berry grower

Now continue towards Grevie and further south past Grevie Backar towards Killebäckstorp. Here you take a left. On the way down to Segelstorpstrand there are fine Bear Bear, as the name notwithstanding and in addition to fantastic raspberries also has a large selection of locally produced vegetables, eggs and much more. 

Organic meat

Drive back towards Grevie and further towards Västra Karup. Aim for (there are a couple of routes north up the ridge to choose from) Salomonhög and Sinarp. Where Sinarpsdalen meanders down towards Båstad is found Lindegren's, which offers organic meat and delicacies.      

Organically grown vegetables

On Bäckdalen's café & garden we grow everything edible organically. For us, this means that we grow without chemically manufactured fertilizers and chemical pesticides. Chilli plants, cucumbers, peppers and string beans are also grown in our growing beds in the greenhouses. During the summer months, there are different kinds of herbs and basil in large pots.


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Store, Restaurant

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