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Bathing areas for jumping and diving

Are there bathing areas for jumping and diving on the Bjäre Peninsula? Absolutely. Of course, there are plenty of long shallow beaches here. Even where there are bathing piers that go far into the water, it is not uncommon for knee-deep water to meet you when you step in. Especially towards Laholmsbukten and Skälderviken, on the north and south sides of the Bjäre Peninsula, it looks like this. But of course there are diving and jumping-friendly dives on the Bjäre Peninsula. Here are some tips on bathing spots for jumping and diving!

Malenbadet in Båstad – many people's first dive

The outdoor pools at The paint bath is the place where perhaps most Båstad residents and summer residents dared to jump and dive for the first time. Among other things, the swimming school takes place here all summer. The 50m pool has the required depth and there are plenty of spectators to witness your fancy jumps and dives. For example, you can combine it with swimming lengths, alternatively jump and dive over and over again for a few hours, which is very popular at Malenbadet. 

The bathing rock in Hov's halls – hope for the daring

A barely five meter high cliff in the dramatic and beautiful Hov's halls is a popular excursion destination. In addition, it provides a brilliant opportunity for great photos, the adoption of a challenge and picnics with free entertainment. Park by Värdshuset Hov's halls and follow the path straight down towards the water, and you will see a collection of rocks plunging into the sea. Here is the bathing rock.

Norrvikens bridge in Båstad - jump after run

Just west of Båstad is this fine bathing jetty, where the depth is substantial and many young swimmers use the so-called jumping technique to impress their surroundings. Good to know about this pier is that there is not much parking, so our tip is to take the bike or walk.     

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