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Unique hotels and spa facilities are scattered from Torekov to Båstad and all around the entire Bjäre Peninsula. Treat yourself to living with an extra golden edge, often sea views, delicious breakfast buffets and enjoy spa treatments, cold bathhouse, sauna and spa bath. 

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Our Hotels & SPA

Bicycle friendly, Hotel, Set Locations

Bjäre Golf Club – Lodge

Salomonhögsvägen 336, 269 93 Båstad
Bicycle friendly, Hotel

The deer in Båstad

Roxmansvägen 23, 269 36 Båstad
Bicycle friendly, Hotel, Conference

Hotel Riviera Beach

Rivieravägen 33, 269 39 Båstad
Bicycle friendly, Hotel, Conference, SPA

Hotel Skansen

Kyrkogatan 2, 269 33 Båstad
Bicycle friendly, Hotel, Conference, SPA

Hotel & Restaurant Hovs Hallar

Hovshallavägen 160, 26991 Båstad
Bicycle friendly, Hotel, Conference, SPA, Set Locations

Hotell & SPA Lögnäs Gård

Lögnäsvägen 62, 312 96 Laholm
Bicycle friendly, Hotel

Hotel Bella Luna

HALLANDSÅS TJUVHULT 242, 312 97 Laholm
Hotel, Conference

Hotel Erikslund

Åstorpsvägen 15, 262 96 Ängelholm

Margretetorps Gästgifaregård

B&B/Pension/Hostel, Bicycle friendly, Hotel

Ramsjögård Hotel

Ramsjögård Hotel, Byavägen 114, 269 93 Båstad
Bicycle friendly, Hotel

SOEDER Countryhouse & Kitchen

Påarpsvägen 225, 269 95 Båstad
Hotel, Conference, SPA

Torekov Hotel

Själaviksvägen 2, 269 78 Torekov
Bicycle friendly, Hotel, Conference, SPA

Valhall Park Hotel

Stjernsvärds Allé 66, 262 74 Ängelholm
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When Båstad became a seaside resort


A day of well-being


Beautiful from head to toe

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The barn in Boarp

30 items - affordable toys, gifts & clothes with high service.


Hotel Skansen

By Båstad beach: Spa hotel since the turn of the last century. Conference, weekend, day visit - we want you to enjoy yourself.


Hotell & SPA Lögnäs Gård

Two-story spa with pools, saunas, lounge, bar and more. Relaxation and dining experiences in one.


Designhouse Stockholm open

The best of Scandinavian design gathered on 1000 square meters in Boarp between Torekov and Båstad.


Bjäre Golfklubb Hotel & Lodge

Scenic rural idyll with a fantastic view at the top of Hallandsåsen.


Svalbo Dog Center

Leave your dog at Svalbo Dog Center for fun while you're away! Spacious boxes, outside yards, walks, dog swimming.