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Cold bath in the sea – 3 tips

Subzero temperatures and Siberian winds do not stop those who are used to taking a cold bath in the sea. But most of us need a little extra motivation and reward to take on the challenge of winter bathing. Please note that cold bathing occurs when summer turns to autumn and the temperature in the sea drops to 10-15 degrees. Everything else does not count. Hesitant? You're not alone. Here are three tips for you who want a strategy for your cold swim in the sea in Båstad.

1. Sauna first, cold bath in the sea afterwards

Kallbadhuset in Båstad is a lovely facility for those who want to swim in the cold sea. Here you simply bathe first, with a sea view and women's and men's side. When you can't stand the heat any longer, the cold dip feels as welcoming as it is natural. Cheating some say, the only sensible thing others say. 

2. Let yourself be carried away in mass bathing

The GRAM Winter Bathing Challenge is a great solution for those of you who are driven by rewards and a certain amount of peer pressure (which is most of us). Here you pay for the bath, but in return you get a hat, a hot dog and a starter - and thus a bath. It all happens at and is arranged by Hotel Skansen on Christmas Day. 

3. Winter overalls and pocket square

The toughest, of course, take cold baths in the sea regularly, without either a sauna or an event. They usually do it from piers where the ladders are allowed to remain over the winter, for example on the pier at Skansenbadet. If you are a beginner, we can advise you to put a hat on your head and bring a thick lined overall and soft woolly winter boots, a thermos of coffee and/or a pocket flask with contents of the kind that warms the stomach. You will probably need these accessories after your bath. 

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