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5 x tennis – a history lesson

Båstad and tennis are connected, it's a long time ago. But how did it actually start and why is Båstad so often associated with tennis? In this very short history lesson, you will find out how things are. 5 x tennis - a history lesson is the only list you need to sort things out.

1: Early trendsetter

Engineer Ludvig Nobel came to Båstad in 1905 to build a tourist facility. Tennis, also called lawn tennis, had for a time grown in popularity in England. Nobel was not only rock rich, he kept up with the trends too. His plans therefore included activities for the bathers. He made sure to build a cement tennis court and start the first tennis club. Our history lesson continues.  

2: The center court is built

Twenty years later, Nobel bought the magazine, a large building by the beach and harbor. He renamed it Skansen (and now partly Hotel Skansen) and soon built a tennis court with bleachers. The center court, which is still the largest outdoor arena for tennis in the Nordics today, is still in the same location. In 1925, the Swedish tennis championship was played in Båstad. 

3: The king watches the match

Ludvig Nobel had contacts and hung out in the right circles, like an influencer a hundred years ago or so. Therefore, it was no coincidence that King Gustav V came to visit in 1928 to watch a tennis match. And again a year later. Båstad as a seaside resort (with tennis and golf as the main activities) for the wealthy was thus cemented and the trend was a fact.

4: Mr G is playing a tennis match

For fifteen years, starting in 1930, the King played doubles in the tennis competitions in Båstad. He was a glamorous and popular feature even though he was 71 years old when he played his first match. You don't need to be a PR expert to understand how valuable this royal presence was to the reputation of a small seaside resort. However, in 1933, after the king slipped on the cement during a match, the courts were changed to modern tennis courts.  

5: Swedish Open starts

In 1948, the Swedish Open begins to be played in Båstad. This ATP competition which, however, goes by the name today Nordea Open is one of the oldest on the tour. Well-known winners include Björn Borg, Mats Wilander, Rafael Nadal and also Serena Williams.   

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