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Classic destinations

We are all different, but there are certain sights that are classic destinations. It's the kind of place you take friends on long-distance visits, foreign guests and difficult-to-flirt in-laws. Places that are not too demanding or adventurous but always beautiful, well organized and that look good in pictures. You know that it will be good, simply, with these classic destinations.  

Norrviken's gardens
Norrviken is neat and well maintained. The best of Bjärehalvön's nature, but organized and beautifully presented. They have good opening hours and the gardens are appreciated by both pedants (well-trimmed hedges) and artistic souls (wild flower beds). There is also food and a cafe here, and it works well for all ages to spend several hours strolling around. Best, of course, when it's blooming and showing off, but also wonderful before Christmas when you have a light party. Redeem your entrance ticket here!

Hovs Hallar nature reserve
The best of nature when dramatic cliffs meet the sea. There is a large car park here and even the smallest walk on the dirt road offers fantastic views. With good shoes and a decent physique, you can hike down towards the water or up along the edge of the cliff. On Hotel & Restaurant Hovs Hallar at the car park there is good food, coffee and ice cream. Adequately adventurous but none the less captivating, in other words. 

Torekov and Halland's Väderö
Street houses, roses, cobblestones and the smell of seaweed. Torekov is a beloved summer idyll and a nice excursion destination at the far end of the Bjäre Peninsula. Here, it might be good to have a picnic at sunset by the rocks, or to eat at one of the several fantastic restaurants around the small harbor. Here the children run around the harbor and play or fish for crabs while the parents eat. It's hard not to enjoy it. Also take the opportunity to take the boat out to wild and beautiful Halland's Väderö if you have time for a day trip. Redeem your boat ticket here.

Birgit Nilsson Museum
A must for those who love opera, celebrities or just wondered who the person adorning our five hundred notes is. Birgit Nilsson is one of Bjärehalvön's great personalities, she grew up on a farm in the middle of Bjärehalvön and made her way through her singing to the world's great opera stages. At the Birgit Nilsson museum, you can join the journey from the crowd to the Metropolitan.

Be guided among Båstad's attractions
Ingrid Persson Skoog is the star guide in Båstad who knows everything worth knowing about Båstad's history and sights. She offers both a fixed program of guided tours and can tailor an arrangement for you and your group.


Hotel Riviera Beach

Indoor pool, sea view from sauna, outdoor Japanese bath - relaxation by the sea.


Valhall Park Hotel

Family-friendly in scenic surroundings near golf, sea, aviation museum. Local ingredients and conference facilities.


Hotel Skansen

By Båstad beach: Spa hotel since the turn of the last century. Conference, weekend, day visit - we want you to enjoy yourself.

To do

Birgit Nilsson museum

Here is an insight into Birgit's life on the way to and on the opera stage and the fantastic music.

Other accommodation

Residence Perseus

Luxury apartments in central Båstad, close to the harbor and the beach, including pet-friendly options.

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