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Small museums

It's easy to miss the several small museums on the Bjäre Peninsula, and we don't want to risk that. Behind every museum are zealots and enthusiasts who preserve the locality's history and present. Small museums with great content, quite simply, well worth a visit.

The history of tennis

Swedish Tennis Museum
At the square and the church in Båstad you will find this gem - a journey through Sweden's tennis history over more than a hundred years. Here you get to experience the people, feel the drama and follow the development from society sport to folk sport. You get to see racket development and tennis fashion over the decades. Of course, there is also history of Båstad's tennis history, the development of the tennis stadium and the royal glass that Gustav V gilded the competitions with over the years. In addition, there are a number of prizes donated by various tennis figures. 

The life of an opera diva

Birgit Nilson museum
An entire museum dedicated to the world-famous opera star Birgit Nilsson. The museum is located in her childhood home, the farm in Svenstad in the middle of the Bjäre Peninsula where she lived until she was 23 years old. Among other things, there are new exhibitions every season, an audio guide and a movie theater with clips from Birgit Nilsson's magnificent career on the world's stages. You can also have a cup of coffee at the cafe, which is located in the farm's old stables. The museum gives a fantastic insight into the life of the soprano star, from a simple peasant life to world star, but also in a way the history of the Bjärehalvön. 

Shipping and island life

Torekov's Maritime Museumum
Two boats were saved in the 1930s from scrapping and have become Torekov's maritime museum. In the harbor there is now the cabin from Hoppet av Länna and the stern ship from Fram av Brantevik. Here you can go on board and see what it might have looked like in the olden days on a boat. Various marine objects, such as name boards and galleon images can be seen, as well as some objects that sailors from the area brought home from their travels. The museum also includes a shed called the Stock Exchange. Here, many children have played and shouted ship o'hoj over the years, and in a simple way gained an insight into the local history. 

Halland's Väderös Outdoor Museum
On Halland's weather island, there is the Pilot's House. The little red house, built in 1844, overlooks Kappelhamn. As the name suggests, it was the residence of the island's pilot for a number of years, and when that service ceased it had tenants who were fishermen, loggers, artists and stonemasons among many other things. In 1995, the house became the Väderö Museum. On the approximately 60 square meters, visitors can take part in the island's exciting history, flora and fauna. It is open in summer, has free entrance and is run under the auspices of the Church of Sweden.   

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Farm shop

Ebbesson's farm dairy - cheese

Ebbesons Gårdsmejeri: Cheese with love. Hard cheese, white mold cheese, blue mold cheese, putty cheese. Order cheese box now!


Gardeners restaurant Båstad

Local ingredients, varied daily lunch and sustainable food culture.

Farm shop


Shop with a view of Sinarpsdalen. Organic meat, charcuterie, close to lamb. Food walks in beautiful nature.

To do

Båstad Golf Club - old course

Gamla Banan, which is Sweden's second oldest 18-hole course, is a classic among Swedish park courses.

10 Aug.

masked Ball

Enjoy Giuseppe Verdi's Masquerade Ball on Center Court (Tennis Stadium) August 10!

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