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Public art in Båstad is a journey through 16 works of art in varying techniques and materials. The artworks are located throughout the municipality – from Förslöv in the southeast to Torekov in the far west. A work of art tells about the time it was created and the place it stands. Therefore, the public art in Båstad municipality becomes a story about Båstad itself, and the people who live and have lived here. You can find a complete list of and map to all artworks at Båstad Municipality's website. Here we present some.

Opera legend in the middle of the village

In Dalmanska tomten, a small park on the sea side of the square, there is a cobalt blue statue of the Bjäre-born opera star Birgit Nilsson. It is made from a single piece of kaolin clay, and the artists behind it are Gustaf and Ulla Kraitz. The Kraitz couple are well-known names locally, but are also famous and represented worldwide for their ceramic art with its special glaze.

Dogs to pet at hiking trail

The artwork Hundparken consists of a number of sculptures in stoneware clay, placed by the car park in Sinarpsdalen. Sara Ångström is the artist behind the piece, which is part of the Culture in Nature project (a development of the embankment between Båstad and Förslöv). The artist himself, who is based on the Bjäre Peninsula, hopes that the dogs will be patted and scratched behind the ears where they pose and together form the shape of a heart. 

Welcome to the train station

Two bronze sculptures, placed at Förslöv and Båstad train stations, were created by Monika Meschke. She herself came to Sweden from Germany in 1939, and the works, called Welcome, are connected to her own arrival in Sweden. "Welcome was the first word I heard upon arriving in Sweden in 1939. Open hearts and minds, then as today and tomorrow." 

House on the snow

At the far end of a cliff in Torekov harbor is the yellow Pilot House, which has been well photographed and iconic for a long time. But since 2021 there is also a miniature of the same house a short distance away. The work is called Det som stai, and the little house has ended up in the snow. From the beginning it was a temporary installation, but the work was bought by Torekov culture and environment, which donated it to Båstad municipality. The artist is Danish Sara Nielsen Bonde, who likes to work with natural art through place, material and expression

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In addition to public art in Båstad, you will also find a large number of galleries and exhibitions.

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