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Konstrunda on the Bjäre Peninsula

A beautiful countryside attracts creative and creative people. Among rolling fields, sharp coastlines and glittering horizons, anyone with an aesthetic sense thrives. Many artists have their own studios and open up during an annual art tour on the Bjäre Peninsula around Easter. 

But especially in summer, many reopen. Keep your eyes open along the roads when you're out driving Bjäre, and don't miss a look in and maybe experience the luxury of meeting the artist himself. 

There are also a number of galleries with various exhibitions to visit for those who want to look at art and sculpture. Here are some tips that will turn into a wonderful construction tour on the Bjäre Peninsula. 

This is where the construction round begins

RAVINEn culture house, Norrviken
Three exhibition halls with volume and sea views provide art experiences all year round at RAVINE. This new and vibrant cultural center (opening took place in 2021) is located right at the entrance to Norrviken's gardens. There is also a café/restaurant, shop and an auditorium for various forms of scenic creation. In the long run, a sculpture park will also emerge on the slope down towards the sea. Redeem your entrance ticket immediately!

Gallery Arnstedt, Östra Karup
A gem with both large, lovely areas in the old mill building, as well as a cozy sculpture garden that is fun for both adults and children. Since its inception in 1998, both well-established and newly trained artists have been shown here. There is also a nice shop with art books here. 

Gallery Torekov, Torekov
Since 2015, it is the popular Gustav de Abreu Sundin who runs not only Galleri Torekov on Storgatan but also the charming Fabriken Konsthall in the same village. 

Båstad Art Gallery, Båstad
In connection with Båstad's library, there are exhibitions curated by Båstad Bjäre art association and the municipality's own culture department. 

Gallery Blue, Båstad
In Designgården on Ängelholmsvägen you will find Galleri Blå, which conveys contemporary art and sculpture. 

Bonus tip

Another type of art tour on the Bjäre Peninsula: Guide to public art


Skåne candle factory

100% candles since 1951. Royal court supplier, churches and parishes.

10 Aug.

masked Ball

Enjoy Giuseppe Verdi's Masquerade Ball on Center Court (Tennis Stadium) August 10!

To do

Language guide Ingrid Persson Skog

Beer as a specialty, with a preference for themes in history, culture and food.


Torekov Hotel

Torekov Hotel - Spa, locally grown food and seaside accommodation at the tip of the Bjäre Peninsula.


Valhall Park Hotel

Family-friendly in scenic surroundings near golf, sea, aviation museum. Local ingredients and conference facilities.

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