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Awesome selfie spots

Of course you should brag about your stay on the Bjäre Peninsula. All you need is our list of awesome selfie spots. This peninsula offers many magnificent places for selfies, such as beech forests and shorelines, sunsets and morning dips. Whether you're a party king, forester, sports fan or bling-bling influencer, you can find great selfie spots in and around Båstad.

Luxurious and delicious

On Rooftop Spa at Hotel Skansen in Båstad you can get a delicious picture. You sit in the infinity pool. You're wearing your sexiest swimwear and you're probably holding a glass of bubbly. In the background you can see the sea and a blue sky. You look luxurious and the viewer thinks that maybe you are abroad. The picture works all year round, but if it's winter you need the right angle to miss the bare treetops. The price for the picture is entrance to the spa. 

Sporty and stylish

At the very top of the peak, Knösen in Kattvik. Here you are at Bjäre's highest point, with a top feeling and a fantastic view of the sea and coastline. You're wearing running gear and you've just sprinted up to the top, it seems, without breaking a sweat even though the sun is shining. You look sporty. The picture works best when it's green outside, but can also be impressive in colder weather, as long as it's clear outside. The price is the hike up (or the run, but then your selfie probably won't be as good). 

Festive and crowded

Location of the picture is The veranda at Pepe's Bodega, Båstad. Here you are in the stronghold of festivities. The picture is taken during the day and is overexposed. You are festively dressed, wearing sunglasses and sun kissed, you are surrounded by your many friends who are all very good looking. You look popular. It's pulsating bass, a really nice atmosphere and you wish the evening would never end.

Idyllic and lovely

Here you are in the port of Torekov next to the symbol of Swedish summer and holidays: The small yellow pilothouse with a blue door, right by the sea and with the Swedish flag raised. The idyll is maxed out and you are of course dressed in, for example, a striped top or possibly all-white. You just enjoy the summer and sit alone on a rock. You look relaxed and country. The picture works best in summer. The price is that you need to fend off (alternatively wait out) the hundreds of adults, children and also dogs that flock around the same place. 

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