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Event Policy

Events & exhibitions, requirements for approval:
  1. We prioritize members of Båstad Tourism & Business in our calendar, but larger events of interest to visitors are also considered.
  2. Events must be clearly separated from the organizer's ongoing business.
  3. Events & exhibitions must have clear start and end dates.
  4. Only tips submitted via the form have the opportunity to appear in the event calendar.
  5. Båstad Turism & Näringsliv reserves the right to refuse events, adjust text and images and change categories. Admins review and approve tips before publishing.
  6. Events must not be offensive to individuals or social groups and must not be political.
  7. Events may not primarily target the organizer's members.
  1. The organizer is responsible for the submitted material being correct such as texts, dates & that images are in the correct format according to instructions.
  2. The organizer is responsible for submitted images regarding copyright and GDPR.
  3. In the event of disagreements about image material or other content, the organizer is legally responsible for the submitted content.
  4. Organizers are responsible for marketing their own events.

– Concerts, theater and dance performances.
– Art exhibitions.
- Markets.
- Lectures.
- Fairs.
– Festivals.
– Sporting events such as races and other major competitions.
- Night club

– Industry events and congresses.
– Courses.
– Industry-oriented workshops.
- Members-only event.
- Religious meetings, services and revival meetings.
- Political events and demonstrations.
- Company gimmicks and company parties.
– Municipal information or service meetings.
– Training matches and everyday exercise sports.
– Leisure activities such as bowling, canoeing, pétanque, etc.
– Smaller flea and garage sales.

For questions about this policy, please contact turistbyran@bastad.com.

Event form

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This text is instead seen on the actual page assigned to the event accessed via Google. Start the text with 3 words that you think the person who wants to attend the event will search for on Google. You can drag the handle located at the bottom right of the box to expand the window >>
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In order for us to publish the event, there must be somewhere where the visitor can read more about the event or book. Be sure to write your entire web address like this: https://bastad.com - and not the formats bastad.com or www.bastad.com.
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