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Gift card

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Feel free to buy a gift card that is valid in your local business! To you who buy our gift card, we would like to thank you very much! You make a difference for companies. Together we make Båstad even stronger! 

Here you can buy the card


This gift card is valid for one year after the date of issue stated above. The card cannot be redeemed for cash. Lost or lost gift cards will not be reimbursed.
Keep in mind that if you want to split the value, it can only be used in the store where you make the first purchase. 

What denominations on the gift card can I buy?

You can buy for three different denominations, 100, - 300; And 450; -

Can I exchange my gift card for cash?

No you can not.

Do I get cash back if I shop for less than the card is worth?

No, if the gift card is worth more than the products you shop for, most stores offer a gift card from their store for the remaining amount. Check with your local store what applies.

Can I buy something more expensive than the sum on the card?

There are never any problems. You can always buy something that is more expensive and add the difference.

Do I get a new gift card if I lose it?

No, gift cards are a document of value just like cash.

Can I extend the validity of the card?

No, that does not work.



Here you can use the card