Fishing in the sea is allowed all year round.
Nets in the sea may not exceed 180 m / person, but keep in mind that there are different conditions for mesh sizes depending on what you are fishing. For salmonid fish, fishing in the sea is permitted from 1 April to 30 September (maximum 2 fish per day and with a minimum size of 45 cm). Cod is allowed April 1 - December 31 (minimum size 30 cm).


Fishing of salmonid fish is allowed March 1 - September 30 (maximum 3 fish per day, of which 1 salmon).

Lake Öresjön

Fishing for salmonids is allowed March 1 - September 30. White fishing is allowed all year round.


Stensån and Öresjön are both fisheries conservation areas and fishing licenses are needed here. For more info and to see where to buy a fishing license go here;  You can also buy a fishing license from Np Nilsson / XL Bygg at Mäshultsvägen 2, 269 36 Båstad and at Båstad Turistbyrå.

Want to know more about fishing go to Swedish fishing rules or Stensån's lower fishery conservation area.

Rent a boat

In Kattvik's small harbor you can rent a fishing boat for a fishing trip in Laholmsbukten. Includes don for fishing.
For boats contact: +46 (0) 431-731 93 or +46 (0) 707-56 12 29

Shelter times

The protected area includes the stretch from Laholmsgränsen, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's line (marked with a board) in the east to the western pier in Båstad's harbor, about 500 m from the shore and out to sea. In this area, all fishing is prohibited, which requires some form of boat, such as trolling and net fishing. Fishing is not allowed from October 1st until March 31st. The ban does not apply to fishing with lobster tins. From 1 April to 30 September, fishing may only take place within the protected areas and with land bait for herring, sprat or mackerel, with lobster tins and with hand gear if the fishing method as such does not require the use of a boat or consists of angling or similar methods. It is permitted to keep a total of two fish in total of the catch of salmon and trout per day when fishing with hand gear. Fishing licenses must be worn visibly to be valid.


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