"It's great to sing! Is there a more wonderful profession than mine? - Birgit Nilsson 1974"

Opera & Birgit Nilsson

On May 17, 1918, Märta Birgit Nilsson was born in Västra Karup parish on the Bjäre Peninsula. Birgit grew up as the only child of Justina and Nils P Svensson on the old family farm in Svenstad, which she would one day take over. Thus begins the story of the girl and later the woman and artist who would become one of the 1900th century's greatest classical singers. Her fantastic voice and great musicality was praised by both critics and audiences. For several decades, Birgit was the leading dramatic soprano in the world and a legendary Wagnerian interpreter.

The childhood home

Despite great successes, her heart was always left in the childhood home just outside Båstad on the Bjäre Peninsula. Here she refueled her energy when she was free. Today, between May and September, you can visit the orphanage, which has been partly converted into a museum.

Even if you are not interested in opera, this is a "must do" if you visit Båstad & Bjärehalvön. Everyone can be amazed by Birgit's strength and courage to, as a woman at the time, choose to go her own way. In the museum, she tells herself through recordings about the setbacks and the tough decisions she sometimes had to face.

The farm's old stable has been renovated and is now a café. Here you can enjoy sandwiches and many of the pastries that Birgit herself baked in her spare time. The stable café's heavenly Aida cake, baked with real butter, nuts, cream and dark chocolate and a lot of love is popular and an experience

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