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Discover the winter splendor of the Bjäre Peninsula in 24 hours

The Bjäre Peninsula is the ultimate place for those of you who long for a moment of relaxation and a chance to just enjoy yourself. With its elegant hotels, fantastic restaurants, stylish bars, relaxing spas, restful spa treatments and the possibility of a good night's sleep, this is an indispensable part of your holiday.

After enjoying a wonderful breakfast at the hotel, it is a pure delight to wander along the promenade that follows the coastline. On your way, take time to visit the charming harbor and Agardhsgatan in Båstad. Don't forget the picturesque houses and harbor of Torekov. End your walk with Sankta Toras väg, which starts at the famous morning bridge.

If you want to get out into nature quickly, yes Pershögsskogen a perfect central loop of 3 km in central Båstad where you get a magical beech forest and a view of Laholmsbukten.

Båstad's shopping is something really special, with a personal touch that is hard to find anywhere else. Along Köpmansgatan you will find treasures such as, white conch, Flower House, Köpmansgatan, No.21, E. Anderssons Urmakeri, Haglöfs, Sebago, Studio J and Bjäre Bookstore.

Guy who bought books in the bookstore in Båstad.
Guy who bought books in the bookstore in Båstad.

And here's a tip: don't miss shopping in Boarp. Drive up along the beautiful Italienskavägen and enjoy the magnificent view. Here you will find pearls that Stockholm Design House, ladan, The Weaver and Elins Flowers.

At Norrvikens Trädgårdar (seasonal opening in March), home for Kulturhuset Ravinen, you will find one of Sweden's most enchanting gardens with Villa Albelin, Viktoria House and much more. At the entrance awaits a wonderful interior design shop, Café and The Chocolaterianand Restaurant Orangeriet - everything in absolute world class.

When lunchtime is near, and you want to stay in Norrviken, then serve Restaurant Orangeriet and The Ravine Bistro delicious lunch with the best ingredients. If you choose to go on to Båstad, you will find Mums and The Boathouse in the port. If you continue to Torekov, you will be delighted Restaurant G. Swenson.

For afternoon activities, consider visiting the vineyards at Bjäre. Vejby Winery offers "Little Winetasting" every day, while Ljungbyholms Winery has "Wine tasting with cheese tray" every Saturday.

Vejby Vingård Båstad
Vejby Vingård Båstad

For delicacies and gourmet experiences, visit shop like Båstad Fromagerie and farms that Aunt Green and Lindegren's. Another charming place to visit is Östra Karup Serious interior and Willab Garden, where you can also enjoy a good coffee. You will also find coffee and cookies there historic Continental.

Before ending your day, we suggest a moment of rest and relaxation. Then end the day with a refreshing dip in the sea at Kallbadhuset, Hotel Skansen.

The evening on the Bjäre Peninsula is magical, and there are several delicious restaurants to choose from in Båstad, including The Boathouse, sand, Frog legs and thyme. If you prefer to have dinner in Torekov, we recommend G. Swenson's.

A warm welcome to an unforgettable experience on the Bjäre Peninsula!

Art & culture

Gallery Blue

Gallery in Båstad, formerly housed in Linköping, has been around for 30 years and has shown more than 200 exhibitions.


Hotel Bella Luna

Welcome to Hotel Bella Luna by beautiful Hallandsåsen. Activity or relaxation - memorable stay.


Restaurant Sand

Hotel Skansen's restaurant Sand offers a lively atmosphere, modern cuisine and a view of the sea.


Vejby Winery

Vejby Vingård - Skåne wine pioneer, award-winning wines, personal taste experience near Skälderviken.


The brand portal

Brand portal: 600 m2 store, top brands at unbeatable prices – Rut & Circle, Adidas, etc.

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