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Continental Båstad – Home of "Tennisbakelsen"

Author: Johanna Nadjafi, Continental Båstad.

In the summer of 2021, my husband and I opened the doors to Anrika Continental Båstad. We turned the old café into a French bistro and with that my goal was to create an experience in service and flavors. A tennis cake was a given to bring out, after all, we have a bistro in the tennis capital Båstad. I wanted to create a freshness that suits both coffee and dessert after the meal, the ball is a fresh lemon mousse with yellow cocoa around it. At Christmas 2022, the tennis ball was released, pre-bookings for the tennis week came immediately.

Båstad is known for its tennis, and reinforcing that in our concept meant that we created a "kiosk tumbler", which we could not meet the demand for this summer. Everyone would have a tennis cake in July. Guests came with coolers to buy the tennis pastries, remember several who went from the Helsingborg area who were so disappointed that they were sold out. A common text message in July was: "Do you have tennis pastries left today?".

Now for Christmas we are releasing a limited edition of the Christmas tennis ball and next summer I will release...

Johanna Nadjafi is the house's Pastry and Kitchen Manager, with her new passion in the kitchen she has brought in her creative "everything is possible" feeling and in 2024 we will get to follow her first year alone in the house's kitchen.


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