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Halland's Väderö forever

We know, there are archipelagos everywhere in Sweden. There are thousands of islands. Here on the Bjäre Peninsula, we only have one island. Also, it's called Hallands Väderö, although it's in Skåne. Is it that much to brag about? Yes, but it is. Halland's Väderö forever is a small tribute to this nature reserve which is forever in our hearts.

Loveable number one: The journey there

Weather island traffic departs from Torekovs harbor (high season also from Båstads harbor). The old boat Nanny is the favourite. It all feels nice unstressed and a bit old-fashioned. It's not a long trip to sea - it's just right. Especially for families with children, the boat trip is an adventure in the right format. Those who are lucky have their own boat or friends with boats. Then it becomes even more of an archipelago feeling and you can moor in one of several natural harbors on the island. Just keep an eye on the chart as you are not allowed to move the boat anywhere.

Lovely number two: Species diversity

Harbor seals, protected but nowadays numerous around the island, you often see from the boat or the island, alternatively on a dedicated seal safari. Anyway, it feels exotic somehow with all these seals. The island, which is a nature reserve, also has coastal sections and skerries that are reserved for nesting seabirds. The bird watcher can, for example, look out for the great gray warbler, thrush and herring warbler that nest on the island. There is also viper, the completely black variant! In relation to its size, Halland's Väderö is one of Sweden's most species-rich areas.

Lovely number three: The snorkeling

The water is as clear as the Mediterranean and perfect for snorkeling. It's fairly easy to find your very own little bay, too, somewhere around Halland's Väderö.

Lovely Number Four: The Grazing Animals

The open landscape on Halland's Väderö is kept in check by an army of grazing animals. They also come to the island by boat and roam freely there all season. You can meet cows, Icelandic horses and a variety of ewes and lambs on your hike.

Lovely number five: Exclusive overnight stay

It is possible to rent apartments on the island, but then you have to be out in good time, a member of the Church of Sweden and have some general luck. Since a few years ago there are also Forest guard farm, a hostel that can be booked for one or more nights. Living there in all its simplicity feels fantastically exclusive.

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