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The story of SOEDER the rooster

Author: Marianne and Michael Bittel, SOEDER Countryhouse & Kitchen

Let us tell you about the SOEDER rooster:

A rooster? Why does SOEDER have a rooster? Have you also wondered why we have asked a cocky rooster to represent our small boutique hotel with only four rooms and a dining table? Those who believe in the mythology explain that the rooster symbolizes courage, pride and honesty.

The attributes that are definitely required to open your home, kitchen and wine cellar. Another probably thinks of the old farming society, where poultry stood for rural life and a homely hospitality. Perhaps it could be that we, who live by the Kattegatt, see the rooster as a culinary symbol of the best local ingredients and genuine craftsmanship, as is done around the Mediterranean?

The Bjäre Peninsula is also popularly known as Sweden's Tuscany. Should the legendary black rooster, which in one of the world's oldest wine regions Chianti Classico is used as a guarantee seal on every bottle, also pay tribute to the pioneers of our emerging wine region?

You yourself will perhaps think back to the sweet summer day, when you cycled along the Kattegattle trail and the weather vane on our tiled roof showed you that you had a tailwind to Torekov? And last but not least, we all know that the most unforgettable evenings start with a cock's tail, i.e. a cocktail?

Yes, it was exactly all this that made us choose a rooster. It is precisely all of this that makes us love the Bjäre Peninsula, a unique place where sea, earth and sky meet. Here the food culture is characterized by the unique nature and its people, here the farmer goes fishing in his spare time, where once upon a time a farm owner built his life's work from stones from the fields with his own hands, a mighty sky staircase to enjoy the sea view. Here you get to experience Nordic country life with the feel of the Mediterranean, where wine and food play as obvious a role as a personal and genuine hospitality.

Marianne & Michael

Marianne and Michael own and operate SOEDER Countryhouse & Kitchen since 2019. Marianne, born and raised in Helsingborg, and Michael, born and raised in the alpine village of Zermatt, have left a stable and safe everyday life in the wine and spirits industry in Switzerland to realize the shared dream of working with food, drink and people. With only four rooms and a dining table, the winner of Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 dared to bet on a personal and unique experience in the heart of the Bjäre Peninsula.

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