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Food Tourism in the South of Sweden – The Culinary Paradise of Bjäre Peninsula

Author: One Planet Journey

The hunt for the finest ingredients is something I grew up with. As a little girl, I joined my mother on her food tour where she had a specialty store for most items on her list. The meat came from a local butcher, the fish from a family friend/fisherman, vegetables and fruits depended on the season. And let's not forget the dairy farm, and the fragrant spices, fresh-ground and sold in gunny sacks. My mother's philosophy on food boiled down to two things, which now form the foundation of my cuisine;

  1. You get out what you put in, so choose wisely.
  2. The importance of local and seasonal ingredients.

What I eat is as important as the air I breathe. Cooking is my sanctuary, my experimental lab, and my happy moment, meditative in a sense. Knowing my area and what it has to offer is therefore paramount. We spend a few months in Båstad, south of Sweden, every year and already, on my premier visit, I went on a farm tour. You see, Båstad is a town on the Bjäre peninsula, which is part of Skåne; a region of open landscapes, abundant fields, first-class soil, and a rich food culture. In essence, the pantry of Sweden, and the perfect place for food tourism.

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