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Southern Bear Coast

The nature reserve Södra Bjärekusten stretches from Torekov to Stora Hult and is located in one of Sweden's oldest cultural settlements on old outback. 

Stora Hult's beach

Stora Hult's beach is home to a rich birdlife. Several different seabirds nest here and there is also a species-rich flora.

Large hults felled

 The coastal pasture is a remnant of such a pasture that belonged to the village of Stora Hult. 

Lyada Valley

Lyadalen lies like a transverse fissure valley in deciduous forest-clad slopes down towards Sinarpsdalen.

Harald's meadows

Harald's meadows are one of the few remaining remnants of a traditional meadow farm.

Hallandsåsen's north slope


Hallandsåsen's north slope offers a steeply hilly terrain with a magnificent view of Laholm Bay and the plains within.

Halland's Väderö

Hiking on Hallands Väderö, Båstad

Hallands Väderö is one of Skåne's larger nature reserves, located three kilometers west of Torekov out in the Kattegatt. 

Grevie ridges

The reserve is dominated by a system of gravel ridges that run southwest-northwest.

England valley

Englandsdal is a fissure valley in an old outback landscape on the northern slope of Hallandsåsen.