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Depending on the Weather

Depending on the Weather
Ljudinstallation/Sound Installation
Wayne Siegel
Birgit Nilsson-salen, RAVINEN Kulturhus

Vernissage 2 mars 2024 kl. 14.00

Depending on the Weather är en helt ny ljudinstallation av den dansk-amerikanska tonsättaren och ljudkonstnären Wayne Siegel. Det är ett verk där vädret och naturen kring RAVINEN styr hur verket låter.

Depending on the Weather är RAVINENs beställningsverk och intar Birgit Nilsson-salen klingande i 6 högtalarkanaler under våra öppettider mellan mars och juni.

Verket invigs med en halvtimmes konsert och mingel där Wayne Sigel själv spelar och interagerar med ljudinstallationen tillsammans med Per Thornberg på saxofon och Stefan Klaverdal på piano. Det som hörs i konserten har aldrig tidigare hörts och är ett uruppförande!

Wayne Sigel skriver själv om verket:

Depending on the Weather is an immersive electronic soundscape that plays continuously, constantly changing, like the weather. The work is a site-specific installation created especially for the concert hall at RAVINEN. The installation is an algorithmic (rule-based) composition that creates music in real time using a specially designed computer program created by the composer. The music is influenced by current weather data and can never repeat itself.

There are three basic musical elements: 1) sustained electronic 12-voice drones, 2) bell-like fanfares and 3) a mixture of twelve morphed sound recordings of water, wind and other elements. The drones and bells are affected by data streamed from a weather station in Båstad using the OpenWeatherMap app. The morphed sounds are directly controlled by a camera installed in the window of the concert hall that is focused on the trees in the park at RAVINEN. The motion of the trees moving in the wind will directly and immediately influence the sounds. Birds flying by and cloud movement will also be transformed into sound.

When there is little wind, the installation will be calm and fairly quiet, alternating between the drones with occasional bell sounds and the morphed sounds. On a windy day, the sound will be louder and wild, and the morphed sounds will sometimes occur together with the drones and bells.

Several weather factors affect the music:

Wind speed (measured in meters per second) affects volume, section duration, and which sections will be chosen
Air Pressure (measured in millibars) affects the duration of pauses and bell fanfares
Humidity (measured in percent) affects the drone sound color and the probability of bell fanfares occurring
Cloud cover (measured in percent) affects the duration of the bell fanfares
Movement of the trees in the park outside RAVINEN affects the volume and mix of the twelve morphed sounds

The experience for visitors will vary greatly from day to day and from hour to hour, depending on the weather. The music is played on a six-channel system (surround sound) in the concert hall. Visitors can enter and leave the hall at any time and are encouraged to experience the installation at different times and in different types of weather.

Wayne Siegel, February 2024

Verket presenteras med stöd av Kulturrådet!

2 mars, 2024
- 1 juni, 2024
RAVINEN Kulturhus