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The active lifestyle is at the center of the Bjäre Peninsula. Here you will find everything from gyms and tennis courts to downhill skiing within easy reach. 

Det mesta för en aktiv vistelse

Outdoor gym

Here you will find the places where you can train in the open air. In addition, they almost never close and are open XNUMX hours a day, all year round. Challenge your best friend, sibling or why not a parent.

Be Well & Fit Båstad

Vibrate more! And optimize your results in an accelerated way.

Welcome to training on Power Plate, a vibrating platform which activates the whole body and enhances every natural movement, simple or advanced, compared to being performed on the floor.

In addition to being very fun and different, you get an effective workout in just 30 minutes, including warming up and recovery.

Close the gap between good and great.

Power Plate Technology is MDD (Certified Medical Device) certified and we who hold the classes are trained Power Plate trainers.


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Friskis & Svettis Båstad

Friskis & Svettis Båstad is the gathering place for everyone who wants to combine their training with joy and laughter. We offer inclusive training for everyone, with everything from calmer workouts to tough high-intensity workouts. In addition to all our wonderful workouts, we have a fully equipped gym (open XNUMX hours a day) with, among other things, free weights, strength machines and cardio machines. After the workout, you can unwind with a lovely shower and a nice sauna bath.

Our business idea is to offer fun-filled and easily accessible training for everyone. Fun-filled training is for Friskis & Svettis to combine competence in training with a relaxed attitude. Nobody needs more body fixation, but the need for fun-filled training is great.

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Physical test

Ger dig och dina medarbetare ett unikt helhetsgrepp om företagets hälsostatus samtidigt som varje medarbetare ges anpassad rådgivning baserat på dennes unika förutsättningar och önskade hälsoläge.

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KITEKALLE Båstad is the business that offers courses and rental of outdoor activities in several places in Båstad, Torekov and Laholm. Stand up paddle is an activity that most people can try, definitely more than once, and therefore we want to give you the opportunity to explore different environments and water in our different places.

In addition to SUP, you can take a course in kitesurfing or wave surfing. At Kalkan (Lake Öresjön) you are warmly welcome to try an SUP yoga session or let your child paddle with other children during the summer children's SUP.

If you are planning for a bachelor party / bachelor party, a company event or an activity for the school class / sports association, we have guaranteed something to offer. Our vision is always to match the customer's wishes and therefore we are happy to tailor an experience to all specific wishes.



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Osteopath helps you with back and neck problems, sciatica, headaches, breathing and digestive problems, muscle and joint pain, stretching,…
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En yogastudion för alla, nybörjare som van, där traditionell och modern yoga möts.

Öppet året om.

Simba Run & Climb is the company with high goals. The business concept is Experience, Write and Tell. Simba Run & Climb offers guided runs on the Bjäre Peninsula with inspiring lectures on running and other adventures.

Simba Run & Climb runs CAMP HEAT (Center And Meeting Place High Energy Athletic Training) with running and strength training.

Simba Run & Climb has extensive experience of running and in recent years also mountain hiking (Kilimanjaro, Mount Everest and the Rocky Mountains) and wants to inspire you to achieve high goals.

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Du som kommer till Starling Heights  har en längtan efter förändring men vet inte var du ska börja.
Starling Heights vision är att förmedla kunskap och verktyg kring hur du tar dig an livet som det är och hur du kan möta dig själv. Med utgångspunkt i mindfulness erbjuder vi samtal, kurser, utbildningar och retreater.
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Race calendar, trail races, running trips, podcasts, equipment, inspiration & blogs. Everything for the trail runner - Share the passion of trail!

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