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The Bjäre Peninsula is surrounded by both Laholmsbukten and Skälderviken, this provides unique opportunities for sea activities. Seal safaris or clattering sails out at sea? It's just a matter of choosing and considering.

In recent years, Båstad has hosted a large number of international sailing competitions. Laholmsbukten off the north coast of Bjäres offers ideal conditions and the recurring Sailing Week attracts with many side events, both on land and at sea.

Speedcats, sailing school, or SUP (stand up paddle) are available in Båstad harbor. If there are several, you can rent fast RIB boats and experience the coast at a high pace. Wave and windsurfing are other activities. Renting a small fishing boat with an inboard engine can be done in the harbor in Kattvik. Then just go fishing. Coastal fishing when trout is popular in early spring and in Stensån you can fish with both a fly and a reel rod.

Boat trips with seal safaris starting from Torekov or Båstad attract with nature experiences beyond the ordinary.

Fun water sports activities

Lots of fun water sports activities are offered in the harbor during the summer in Båstad harbor by Spirit Event. For example. speedcats, SUP and RIB.

Fishing in Stensån and at sea

Are you eager to fish? Here you can read more about where you can rent a boat and where to buy a fishing license.

Take the boat to beautiful Hallands Väderö

Make a day trip to beautiful and plant-rich Hallands Väderö. The boat departs from Torekov harbor, the crossing to the island which takes about 20 minutes is an adventure for the kids! On Väderön you can swim in the crystal clear water!

Sailing school in Båstad & Torekov

Learn to sail in Båstad or Torekov. There are courses for both children and adults.

Go on a Sälsafari

In the sea around Hallandsväderö you can see two of the three Swedish seal species up close. The seals appreciate the visitors and are usually more curious than afraid. Tours are arranged by Hallandsväderötrafiken and depart from Torekov's harbor. 

Borrow a life jacket

Tight swimwear and other swimwear in all glory, but there is only one garment that can save your life on the lake, the life jacket. A life jacket is a cheap life insurance that everyone should wear on the lake.

If you do not have a life jacket with you or have forgotten to bring it, you can borrow a life jacket at the municipal office's customer center.

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