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Rent a cottage or self-catering

When you rent a Cottage on the Bjäre Peninsula, it is so much more than just accommodation. From the cottage you have with a small drive access to a fantastic area full of activities, enjoyment and experiences. Båstad's pulse, picturesque alleys in Torekov, spectacular hiking and world-class events. 

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Hålehallstugan is beautifully situated in the beech forest on the south slope of Hallandsåsen north of Förslöv. It is a nice excursion destination for the family at all times of the year. The cottage belongs to and is maintained by Friluftsfrämjandet's local department Ängelholm / Båstad.

There is a fully equipped kitchen and the main cottage has 50 seats at the table. In the dormitories there are single and bunk beds for 14 people. Adjacent to the dormitories are 2 changing rooms with shower and sauna. Patio with barbecue and table.

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Båstad Camping

Our picturesque cottages have 4 beds and are about 15 square meters plus sleeping loft and porch. The combined kitchen / living room is equipped with fridge, stove, microwave, coffee maker and various kitchen accessories / furniture. Toilets and showers are a stone's throw from the cottages.

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Fabric yard

Accommodation on the Bjäre Peninsula near Torekov, Bed & Breakfast with fantastic views, Hallavaravägen 145, 26991, Båstad

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Böskestorps Stugor

Cottages on Hallandsåsen with fantastic views of the sea, only 6km from Båstad. Böskestorp Ranch has four cottages of 37 sqm 4-6 beds. Location: in the middle of nature with a relaxing environment and at the same time centrally on the Bjäre Peninsula. Open all year round, Welcome!

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