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Pitches for motorhomes and caravans

Are you coming to Båstad and the Bjäre Peninsula with a motorhome, camper or caravan? Then you probably need a pitch. With a pitch, you know that it will be right, that there is service and that you can sleep well in peace. Enjoy nature just as long as you want, and then roll on to new adventures. There are plenty of parking spaces for motorhomes and caravans in Båstad and on the Bjäre Peninsula, but remember to book in advance if it's high season.

Some tips on pitches

Lögnäs farm: 30 pitches with electricity

Priesthood in Båstad: 24-hour paid parking for mobile homes is permitted. No electricity or toilets

Båstad Harbor: Open between 1 September and 31 May. There are no reserved spaces for mobile homes only, but you park where there is space. You pay for your stay via a QR code found on the electricity poles. You will then receive a code that applies to the products you have purchased. You can also empty your latrine and you do that on the edge of the large pier house.

Båstad Camping: 56 places. 0431–75511  

Bjäre Golf Club Hotel & Lodge: 4 with electricity, toilet and shower. Can be booked via the website or at reception. Phone: 0431–36 10 53

Caravan Club Norrviken: 13 pitches. Phone: 0431–36 91 70

Vistorps Harbour: SEK 150/day

Båstad Golf Club: 6 seats; SEK 150/day (not emptying the latrine)

Ramsjöstrand Harbour: Setting up a mobile home between 00.00:06.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX is not permitted according to decision of the County Administrative Board.

Åkagården Golf Club: For SEK 100 per night, you as green fee guests get access to a limited number of places with access to electricity, our restaurant and changing rooms

"Foot of Hallandsåsen": Hålevägen 52, 269 73 Förslöv, opposite Ekhem's farm. About 25 places, without service but you can empty the latrine. Costs SEK 50/day (100 in high season) Pay with swish to 0709–170615, Gullan and Sven Ekhem.

This is not a complete list and there are more pitches for motorhomes and caravans in Båstad, Torekov and on the Bjäre Peninsula.

Other information and rules about motorhomes and caravans

You can temporarily park a motor vehicle right next to the road. But only on condition that the ground is not damaged. The landowner must also not be hindered in his activities. Nor may you set up your motorhome or caravan in such a way as to obstruct or disrupt traffic.

There is no rule that says how long you can stand in the same place. When it comes to tents, the limit is "a few days a week" and far from residential buildings. A caravan crew or a mobile home is probably perceived as more disturbing than a tent, and the demand for consideration is also greater. You should therefore not set up your caravan or mobile home near the landowner's residence without permission.

On a public road
In rest areas and signposted parking spaces, it is basically permitted to stand for a maximum of 24 hours on weekdays. On Saturdays, Sundays and weekends, you are generally allowed to stay until the next weekday. But rest areas and parking spaces are mainly intended for temporary rest and rest, and not for overnight stays. There, other rules may apply according to local traffic regulations. In that case, it is indicated on an additional board under the P mark at the rest areas.

Single road
Whoever owns a private road can decide for himself whether traffic with motorized vehicles should be permitted. The owner has the right to prohibit motor traffic, or certain types of motor vehicles. A ban on motor traffic on a single road must be "marked with a road sign or in another clear way", as stated in the Traffic Ordinance. Even a homemade sign "No RVs" must be respected.

This applies in nature reserves

Special rules in national parks and nature reserves
Special rules apply in national parks and nature reserves. It is almost always forbidden to drive motorized vehicles on roads in the area. It may be permitted to spend the night with a caravan or mobile home in parking lots adjacent to reserves or national parks. Inside the areas, special regulations apply which usually limit the right of access. What applies can be seen from the notice boards that are posted in the area. Otherwise, you get information from the municipality or the county administrative board.

Source: The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the County Administrative Board

Activity tips on the Bjäre Peninsula

Is it allowed to freecamp?

In Sweden, you can park your motorhome for 24 hours (on weekdays, otherwise over a weekend) in a parking lot and spend the night in it, unless there is a sign that says otherwise. Parking is not the same as camping, which means, for example, folding out the awning and setting out a nice chair in the sunset, so it is not allowed in a parking lot.





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