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Shopping and coffee 

Why is shopping and coffee worth writing about? Well, because successful shopping means that the blood sugar level is just right. And/or that your company who does not want to shop in the same category as you has something else meaningful to do while you calmly try, lift up, feel and think.

How lucky that there are stores on the Bjäre Peninsula that have understood this and offer the combination of shopping and coffee. 

Tips for shopping and coffee

The shops on the farm is located in the middle of the Bjäre peninsula between Torekov and Båstad. Here is Tant Grön, which is a delicatessen where you can taste cheeses and nerdy olive oils, but also have a coffee. In addition, there is Elin & Arvid, a clothing and lifestyle store for men and women with a classic style.  

Båstad Fromagerie located in the middle of Båstad in Designgården, they always want to offer their customers the best in craft cheeses. They carefully select their cheeses and are proud to offer knowledge about cheese and drinks.

The White Conch in the middle of Båstad has a summer cafe on the farm. In this way, those who want to try on women's clothing can be left alone while the company eats ice cream or sips coffee at a reasonable distance.  

Bjäre Bokhandels inner garden has had a popular summer cafe with a sense of oasis and quiet refuge for several years. Here you sit under the walnut tree and enjoy your newly purchased book from the beautiful bookstore, or wait patiently for the person who is shopping in the store. 

Have a coffee at cozy The Chocolaterian with wonderful parlines and a magical view over Laholm Bay. Combine with a visit to Shop Norrviken full of beautiful things - a mix of Laserow's antiques, self-designed products and other lovely beautiful brands.

More shopping on the Bjäre Peninsula

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Unique shops at Bjäre


Bjäre Golfklubb Hotel & Lodge

Scenic rural idyll with a fantastic view at the top of Hallandsåsen.


Hotel Riviera Beach

A luxurious family oasis by the beach with play, relaxation and proximity to the city centre. Båstad, Sweden's Riviera.


HK Sports & golf

Wide range in clothing, shoes, golf and tennis with well-known brands at low prices.

Farm shop


Shop with a view of Sinarpsdalen. Organic meat, charcuterie, close to lamb. Food walks in beautiful nature.


Margretetorps Gästgifvaregård

Experience historic charm and modern luxury at Margretetorp Gästgifvaregård. A unique place for memorable moments!

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