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Shop for the party

Need to shop for the party? Is it a mingling, cocktail party, inauguration, closing or birthday? Yes, there are many reasons to dress up in Båstad and Torekov. At the same time, there is really no reason to leave the Bjäre Peninsula to go shopping before the evening. Here are some tips on clothing stores where you can get expert help shopping for the party and, of course, a good selection of beautiful party clothes. 

Shopping in Båstad with person looking in shop windows.
Shopping in Båstad.

Shop for secure cards

At Båstad square there is The brand store which is a trend-sensitive loyalist with well-established and well-known brands. Here you will find the look that fits well in the harbor. A good choice for both men's and women's clothing. 

Shop festively and playfully

Women's & men's clothing for those who like style and quality, but also shoes, accessories and interior details Elin & Arvid, Butikerna på Gården, on the Bjäre Peninsula. Also take the opportunity to buy home good delicacies from Aunt Green.

Shop exclusively

In the store called Köpmansgatan there are women's clothes and accessories from a range of international designers that command slightly higher prices and attract a bit more attention. Perfect when you want to be colorful and feel really stylish.

Shop Köpmansgatan

The shop No.21 is an exclusive store with many high-standard international brands and caters to fashion-conscious women of all ages. The shop is located in a nice street house on Köpmansgatan in the middle of Båstad.

Shop No.21

Shop relaxed

Several Swedish and Danish clothing brands are available The White Conch in the middle of Båstad. Here, a slightly more budget-friendly and relaxed feminine style is offered that suits many, while the sense of style is at its peak. 

Shop at the outlet

On Outlet South varies in style and range, but it's always worth a stop to see what's inside. Both women's and men's clothing and shoes. Many classic and Swedish brands, but also international. 

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