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When Båstad became a seaside resort

Most people probably associate Båstad with summer, sun and swimming. But it has not always been so. Here is the story of when Båstad became a seaside resort.

Trading place

During the 1400th century, Båstad was a market town - that is, a place of trade. In 1664, Båstad became a "city stain", which meant that you could run city industries such as handicrafts, small trade, hawker and inn. On August 8, 1788, called the Battle of Båstad, the Båstad residents bravely defended the city patch against a failed landing attempt by Russian warships. No people were hurt during the battle, which lasted only a day, and the Russians were repulsed.

Big fire

In 1858, Båstad became a so-called köping and twelve years later, in 1870, the köping was hit by a severe fire. Two-thirds of society was wiped out. Hard times, however, gave room for new urban planning and a clean-up of flammable thatched roofs and smelly pig pens in the middle of the shopping district. Cleanliness and fire safety were the watchwords. The first two-story building was built: the brick building Hotell Viktoria, which still stands by the square and St. Mary's Church. Today you will find, among other things Grodlår and Thyme restaurant here. 

Health bath

Health bathing became a popular activity in Båstad during the late 1800th century. Horses pulled bathing wagons out into the water, after which the bathing guests could get into the water and take a dip for a few minutes – and a little longer every day. A doctor set the bathing time, and also decided how the subsequent care would take place. Eventually, a cold bath house was built on the beach. Now a new bathhouse stands on the same site, where both locals and visitors enjoy saunas and cold dips all year round.

Rail freight

When the railway came to the village, even more visitors came. Summer boarding houses popped up like mushrooms and Båstad began to look more and more like a tourist resort. Among those who got off the train at the station at the steep Hallandsåsen were King Gustav V, Prime Minister Per Albin Hansson and the songstress Evert Taube. But before that, dynamite inventor Alfred Nobel's nephew, Ludvig Nobel.  


Ludvig Nobel ended up in Båstad by chance in 1905. He fell in love with the area and soon together with the court jeweler WA Bolin and the horticulturist Rudolf Abelin bought large plots of land in western Båstad. Here the lords laid out summer villas, hotels and parks, roads and sewage systems. Well-known Norrvikens gardens and Hotel Skansen are just a few places that came into place during this time and that still characterize bathing and tourist life in Båstad.

That's how it happened when Båstad became a seaside resort

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