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Running all year round

There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad workout clothes. So goes the old saying (almost). On the Bjäre Peninsula, it's great to practice running all year round. On the sovereign The sports shop in Båstad there are underwear, mid-layers, waterproof running shoes, drink belt and everything else you may need to train outdoors. Beyond that, you just need to know where to go when. The tips below for running all year round can of course also be used by those of you who want to walk.


Electric light trails and some protection from strong winds from the sea do Malenskogen in Båstad to many's favorite during the winter months. Good for running and walking, but there is also a popular outdoor gym very close to the car park at Malenbadet that you can integrate into your training. The connecting Promenade is also nice in winter. Illuminated, gravel surface and you move along the sea. The Skåneleden south of Torekov is also wonderful on an afternoon in winter. Here you probably get more sun and light exposure than anywhere else on the Bjäre Peninsula in winter.  


Hole halll on Hallandsåsen's southern slope above Förslöv is a magical place when the beech forest blooms and the white sedges bloom. Here there are a few different loops for walking and trail running. Another tip is Axelstorps ravine and Sinarpsdalen, which are adjacent to each other. The ravine for the beech forest and the valley for sun exposure and budding greenery. 


The blue coastal loop which starts from Malenbadet's car park is a 12 km long loop with many nature trails that take you to the fine forests in Hemmeslöv. There you get shade and don't have to crowd with the summer tourists. It is easy to shorten the round or make small detours. An early summer morning along Skåneleden on the southern side of the Bjäre peninsula is also a height. Start in Rammsjöstrand, where you also finish with a dip from the jetty.


When the tourists have gone home is Court Halls as best. Follow the Skåneleden, either from Kattvik and on towards the beautiful cliffs, or park at Hovs Hallar and head south towards Torekov. Lya heather gives a bit of a mountain feel and likewise Djurholmen a short trip east on Hallandsåsen, both of which have beaten paths and loops.

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Harbor tavern Torekov

We are a restaurant in Torekov that offers an exciting and well-prepared menu with the delights of the sea.


Torekov Hotel

Torekov Hotel - Spa, locally grown food and seaside accommodation at the tip of the Bjäre Peninsula.


G. Swenson's Tavern

We want you to feel comfortable and enjoy yourself inside G. Swenson's doors.

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Enjoy Giuseppe Verdi's Masquerade Ball on Center Court (Tennis Stadium) August 10!


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