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Gustav V – Mr G

When Ludvig Nobel, Alfred Nobel's nephew, began to settle in Båstad, he quickly realized that tennis, which had become a fashion sport, was important for tourism and in 1907 built the first tennis court in cement. The "Swedish Tennis Championships" were organized in Båstad for the first time in 1925 when real courts were built and in 1930 King Gustav V came to play his first competition in Båstad.

The interest in tennis was born during a stay in England in 1879, with the aim of presenting Princess Beatrice, daughter of Queen Victoria, as a suitable partner for Gustav. There was no love between them, however, but there was something else that Gustav fasted for - tennis. When he came home to Sweden again, he got his friends to play tennis and the sport became popular among the higher society.

After tennis gained a foothold in Stockholm, it spread south in the country. Tennis became very popular in Lund among the upper classes, and it was probably also bathers from Lund who introduced tennis in Båstad. In 1880, people started playing tennis as a board game on the lawn by the old bathhouse, without any direct requirements on the size of the court or rules.

It was a total of 17 summers for the king in Båstad and 15 of them he played tennis, but only in doubles. The king was not a player of today's tennis, there are very few similarities between tennis at that time and today. He did not have the hardest blows but was very tactical, which led to many victories. When the king arrived at the small market, it was a festive day, the station was decorated and the flags were hoisted. The king lived at Skånegården during the tennis week and was a brilliant PR person for the bathing and tennis resort of Båstad.

In retrospect, it is possible to say that Gustav V meant a great deal to Swedish tennis and for Båstad. In memory of him, the promenade that divides the grandstand at Båstad Centercourt has come to be called Mr's väg and a commemorative plaque is attached to it Hotel Skansens wall.


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