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A day of well-being

The Bjäre peninsula is a beautiful peninsula. The greenery, the fields, the sea – every day in this environment is a day of well-being. But how can you scoop up even more attendance? Here we have the tools and tips to make your day a retreat. Of course, you leave your mobile in a drawer in the kitchen on silent mode, for example, and it stays there until the next day.

Start with yoga

First of all, it will be yoga. Yoga is a nice start to the day. You land in yourself, your breath and your body. In the best case, you do yoga before breakfast, reasonably early. On the Bjäre Peninsula, there are guided classes all year round, with an extra large selection during the summer when the population increases. Check out the schedule at Shala Hala in Boarp and Fascia Center in Båstad, for example. Book a nice massage or a facial treatment at Båstad Beauty.

Breakfast like a king

If you want to spend the whole breakfast outside, your smartest move is one of the hotels on the Bjäre Peninsula. The alternative is, of course, to buy freshly baked, high-quality bread and combine it with local berries, jams and apple juice. On the Cinnamon in Boarp, on Continental Coffee in Båstad are hot tips regarding good bread and croissants, while locally grown berries and vegetables are best purchased from Ramil outside ICA in Båstad or at the nearest farm shop.

Wow place in nature

Mindfulness - i.e. total presence of mind - becomes easier if you are in a place that is so beautiful that it takes your breath away. A wow place. Try a walk in beautiful Sinarpsdalen, preferably in the direction of Båstad. Or take a trip at the mighty Hovs Hallar's rocks. Lya heather maybe gives you the right feeling if you love wide open spaces and mountains. Go slow and enjoy.

A dose of beauty and culture

Go to a gallery and see art. It is delightful for all the senses. THE RAVINE at Norrviken and Arnstedt in Östra Karup are two reliable tips. On to Bjäre Bookstore then, where you buy watercolor paints and paper. Then give yourself a moment to create yourself, regardless of talent. Be a little childish and just drive. At the bookstore, you can also ask the knowledgeable staff for a tip on a novel that suits you. Have a light lunch at Café Bokhandlaregården if it is open.

Lie down on the couch

After your excursion, it's time for the sofa, the hammock, the sun lounger, or the armchair in front of the fire. Depending on the season, you choose a good and also comfortable place for the purpose. Put on your favorite music and read your book.

Watch the sun go down into the sea

A wonderful end to the day is watching the sun go down. You can do that most safely in Torekov all year round. Sit on the rocks by the harbor. Thank yourself for a day of well-being. Eat a good and not too useless dinner. Maybe a glass of your favorite wine. Now you can sleep well.


Hotel Skansen

By Båstad beach: Spa hotel since the turn of the last century. Conference, weekend, day visit - we want you to enjoy yourself.


Radness bicycle service

Complete bicycle workshop that services, repairs and refurbishes all types of bicycles in Båstad and the surrounding area.


Hotel & Restaurant Hovs Hallar

Hotel & Restaurant at the northern tip of the Bjäre Peninsula - Nature, food & calm by the sea.


Harbor tavern Torekov

We are a restaurant in Torekov that offers an exciting and well-prepared menu with the delights of the sea.


Torekov Hotel spa

Out in the middle of Scania, among rolling hills and the sound of the sea, you have your little paradise. Here

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