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The people, the landscape, the history – it's clear that Båstad, Torekov and the rolling fields in between trigger the imagination and creativity. There are several books from Bjäre to dive into. That is, books that take place in or are about Bjäre Peninsula. But there are also many writers who live and work or have their origins here, but who do not necessarily write about the area.

Books about Bjäre

The morning dip by Peggy Anderson

Photo book depicting the morning dip in Torekov, photographed over six years. Photographer Peggy Anderson explains Aftonbladet:

"I grew up with two different cultures, which has made me sometimes feel like an "outsider" in Sweden, but also to some extent like a foreigner in the United States. Usually, Americans don't wear bathrobes outside the home, but in Torekov, people go to the bakery or grocery store in them, after bathing. Humans love rituals and it is something that unites us. In Sweden, you might not think it's anything unusual, but the reactions I've gotten in the United States are that people there love the pictures, she says."

Greetings from Båstad by Jenny Fagerlund

Feelgood novel that takes place in Båstad during the festivities of the tennis weeks. The author Jenny Fagerlund tells BjäreNu that Bjäre is a favorite place. Here she spends a lot of time with her family on holidays and weekends.

"The whole family loves being here, and Båstad is also a perfect setting for a feel-good novel. Here is the picturesque community, the sea and the ridge. The environment is incredibly important when writing feelgood, she says."

Kullabygden and the Bjäre Peninsula by Liselotte Fritz

Personal and lovely guidebook to the two peninsulas by journalist Liselotte Fritz. The publisher writes:

"IN Kullabygden and the Bjäre Peninsula you get loads of tips on excursion destinations to discover and experience, regardless of whether you're staying for a day or the whole holiday. If you are interested in eating and drinking well, you can go on an asparagus safari, visit chip shops, vineyards and lots of good restaurants. Anyone interested in art and culture must not miss the ceramics in Höganäs, the Birgit Nilsson museum and Lars Vilk's mythical Nimis." 

Author who comes from Bjäre

Amanda Romare

Half of Malmö consists of guys who dumped me is Amanda Romare's debut novel from 2021.

"I am completely blown away by Amanda Romare's debut novel. Her way of writing is absolutely bloody amazing, such brilliant analyses. Annoyingly accurate and initiated, painful recognition. Asgarv-inducing humor but also necessary pain.” Denise Rudberg

Amanda Romare is also a producer and the book will become a TV series, it was announced in 2023. In addition, she is a columnist for Svenska Dagbladet and has written the festive column "For ten years I have avoided the tennis week in Båstad" in the Sydsvenskan.

Christina Digman

Kristina Digman is an illustrator, artist, graphic designer and writer, raised and living in Båstad. Flora's nature crafts as well as her illustrations in the children's book series Cat can are fine examples from Kristina's large production. She describes her upbringing as follows publisher's website:

"When I was little, even less than now, I liked to stroll around by myself. Collect stones, pick flowers, think. Measles, my grandmother called it. We probably had a lot of freedom, when I think about it, me and my three sisters. I was four years old when we moved to an old house in Båstad. Before that we had lived in an apartment, and I remember the garden, how I ran and ran among daisies, taller than myself. Everything was so big, the house was so dark and mysterious, with a big attic, porch and balconies.”

Hilda Kirkhoff

Hilda Kirkhoff from Båstad was only 26 years old when she broke through and won Hela Sverige bakar 2020. The baking book Hilda's dreams and other buns was published shortly after the win. On publisher's website can we read how much family and upbringing mean, even though she herself now lives in Gothenburg:

"Hilda has a great passion for baking and likes to teach how to use flowers, nuts, berries and other toppings to transform her cakes into beautiful and tasty parade cakes. Hilda's second book will come in the fall of 2022 Cookie happiness with Hilda. Hilda lives on the west coast and the whole family is involved in her books: sister Judith photographs, her mother creates ceramics for the pastries and her father takes care of the garden where many of the pictures are photographed.”


First Camp Torekov

Cozy cottages, camping sites by the sea. Children's club, adventure golf, quiet time on the terrace.

Conference at Hovs Hallar

Conference in the arms of nature at the tip of the Bjäre Peninsula. Up to 120 people, fantastic view. Free wifi, meeting equipment.



Förslöv, home of Heberlein's famous sausages. Tradition, quality, and genuine ingredients from Swedish farms.


Hotel Skansen – hiking package

Coastal walk along the Skåneleden between Torekov & Båstad, stay comfortably & enjoy good food at two hotels.


The brand portal

Brand portal: 600 m2 store, top brands at unbeatable prices – Rut & Circle, Adidas, etc.

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