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Activities with children

What activities do you do with children in the Båstad and Bjäret districts? We know. We actually know what to do in all seasons and in all weathers. Here is the list of different activities with children for different starting positions.

Summer and sun

Default mode: Summer, sunny and warm. Parents who are tired of nagging and that everything costs money.

Solution: Take the kids to a beach where there's no ice cream to fuss over. Pack what is needed (snacks and drinks and sand toys) and explain the situation on the way there. That is to say, here there is nothing but the beach. A perfect beach for this excursion is Glimminge Planting on the south side of the Bjäre Peninsula. Here there is both a sandy beach and jetty as well as a raft to swim to. Shallow and nice, also kiosk-free. 

Spring and longing out

Starting position: Spring, running in the legs and longing for nature in both adults and children.

Solution: Axelstorps ravine is a perfect little hiking adventure for all ages. It is especially nice when the beech forest is just starting to bloom at the beginning of May. Steep and a little scary (therefore exciting), bridges and rushing water.

Summer and bad weather

Starting position: Semi-good summer weather and children climbing the walls.

Solution: Kungsbyggets adventure park and summer tobogganing, zipline, cycling and other fun. Open during the summer and a perfect half-day excursion half an hour east. Even small children can go tobogganing, then with an adult, and often think it's crazy fun.

Overcast and many

Starting position: Overcast and with relatives in tow, many ages and many wills.

Solution: Norrviken's gardens is a perfect outing when you need to entertain both grandma and toddler at the same time. Children love running around on the paths, hiding and watching peacocks. In addition, the children have got their own part of the garden (furthest from the entrance, too) that you can aim at. 

Torrential rain and panic

Starting position: Summer, torrential rain and total panic in too small a house.

Solution: Scala Cinemas in Båstad has a solid program and, if you're lucky, there's a film for children today. If not, we can recommend Malenbadet, which is an extra fun experience when it rains - plus the pool is usually quite empty then. The sauna afterwards is a lovely bonus. A final indoor tip is the BMX track in Våxtorp, which is indoors and fun for many ages. 

Winter and cold

Starting position: Winter and frozen.

Solution: You can find ice on lake Klarningen by the E6 or on the dam by Inre Kustvägen. Often an ice is also flushed at Strandängsskolan. Put on skates or at least a helmet, and go out and mess around on slippery ice!

Excursion day

Starting position: Ready for adventure and full-day excursion

Solution: Halland's Väderö is the given idea. Just the boat trip there is tickling. You might even see a seal! Once on the island, there are fairly long hikes, cliffs and beaches and clear, beautiful water.  


First Camp Torekov

Cozy cottages, camping sites by the sea. Children's club, adventure golf, quiet time on the terrace.


Hotel Bella Luna

Welcome to Hotel Bella Luna by beautiful Hallandsåsen. Activity or relaxation - memorable stay.


Skåne candle factory

100% candles since 1951. Royal court supplier, churches and parishes.

To do

Weather island traffic

Väderö boats: Smooth trip to Halland's Väderö in 20 minutes. Kiosk, adventure, extra tours in summer.


Accommodation Båstad Inas Concierge

Holiday home on the Bjäre Peninsula in Skåne. Easier to premium houses, pool, tennis court, Båstad & Torekov.

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