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Active meetings

The Bjäre Peninsula is perfect for the combination of meeting and team building. There are several hotels here that have the capacity and experience to arrange active meetings, conferences and kick-offs of all sizes. There is also a strikingly beautiful nature that invites you to activities of various kinds. Some tips on group activities and great plans from us who live and work here: 

Morning yoga with sea view

A wonderful experience that changes the whole day is to start by waking up the body's muscles and joints. To be guided through deep breaths and focus on just yourself for a while. There are several experienced yoga teachers based in Båstad and on the Bjäre Peninsula, and the conference hotels, for example, are happy to help book this wonderful start to the day. 

Mountain biking on trails

By bike, your group will have time to see large parts of the Bjäre Peninsula in just a few hours. A guided tour on dirt roads and paths is adapted to the group and can be varied according to the team's physical ability and the purpose of the activity. Challenging and hilly may suit one group, while flat along the coast at a slower pace suits another. Mountain bikes and guide are available Ridge Cycling

Well-deserved luxury at the spa

Sometimes the best kind of team building is to let your gang luxuriate together. Like sitting in a hot tub outdoors on a crisp autumn evening Torekov Hotel. Or to bask with a view of the sea Hotel & Restaurant Hov's halls. Why not take a cold swim in the subzero sea at Hotel Skansen? Or enjoy the outdoor pool at the Rooftop Spa in the same place? A sparing ritual on Lögnäs Gård might be something. Or why not try new ones Launa Relax & spa at Valhall Park Hotel. The possibilities are many. 

Disc golf works for everyone

This is an easy and fun activity that requires no real prior knowledge. Just as the name suggests, you play on courts and the goal is to get your frisbee into a basket in the fewest possible number of throws. Disc golf is available, among other things, at Vallåsen's Disc Golf and you can get help with different arrangements that work well for larger groups. Expect a fun time in a forest and meadow environment.

Golf with a view

On the Bjäre Peninsula you will find 132 golf holes within 10 minutes. Since the early 30s, people have been able to go to Båstad and the Bjäre Peninsula in Scania to play golf. Today, there are tracks of high international class, different track characters and unique environments. The peninsula is surrounded by Laholmsbukten and Skälderviken, this contributes to a favorable climate that means you can often play all year round. Discover Båstad Golf Club, Bjäre Golf Club, Torekov Golf Club, Äppegården Golf Club and Åkagården Golf Club.

Out on the water on SUP

Stand-up paddleboarding is a rapidly growing activity worldwide. Along the coast in Båstad or Torekov are wonderful places to take the group out on these stable surfboards with each paddle. For example Båstad Kite and Spirit Event can help with equipment, instructions and guidance. The latter also has a so-called Giant SUP – a giant board that puts the team to the test when everyone has to paddle together. 

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To do

Båstad Golf Club - old course

Gamla Banan, which is Sweden's second oldest 18-hole course, is a classic among Swedish park courses.


The brand portal

Brand portal: 600 m2 store, top brands at unbeatable prices – Rut & Circle, Adidas, etc.


Accommodation Båstad Inas Concierge

Holiday home on the Bjäre Peninsula in Skåne. Easier to premium houses, pool, tennis court, Båstad & Torekov.

To do

Väderötrafiken Sälsafari

Explore the seal paradise at Hallands Väderö with M/S Nanny af Torekov, see seals, porpoises & sea birds.


Restaurant Riviera

The environment is luxuriously laid back. Perfect for a quiet breakfast, a nice lunch and a good dinner.

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