Båstad & Bjärehalvön has a wide range of activities, how about 132 scenic golf holes, a plethora of tennis and paddle courts. Cycling is done all over the Bjäre Peninsula so to the mild degree that today we are called Sweden's Mallorca by some. 

Your guide to activities & sports on the Bjäre Peninsula

Båstad and the Bjäre Peninsula offer fantastic opportunities for you who want to be active. Blessed with a magnificent nature and a large selection of active arenas and companies, the Bjäre Peninsula offers great opportunities for an active lifestyle, all year round.

Sports event

WTA Nordea Open 2023


10 jul
- 15 July
Sports| Sommar| Tennis
ATP Nordea Open 2023


17 jul
- 23 July
Sports| Sommar| Tennis
Welcome to an outdoor day starting from Båstads Hamn. BANANA BOAT – GOCATS – MTB ...


5 Aug.
- 5 Aug
Sea| Family| Sommar| Sports
Junior SM Tennis finals 2023


25 Aug.
- 29 Aug
Tennis| Children| Sommar| Sports| Competition
Open Water


27 Aug.
Competition| Swimming| Sommar| Sports
Kullamannen by UTMB


3 November
- Nov. 5
Running| Autumn| Sports| Experience| Winter

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Organizer of the Nordea Open

Organizer of Båstad Marathon

Local sports association with great commitment. Båstads GIF is a sports association that was founded on 14 May 1913, and has about 500 members. Activities in the association are football, floorball and athletics.

Horseback riding on the Bjäre Peninsula. Jumping training, dressage training, jumping and dressage competition, stables and riding school.

Gårdskampen is an adventure farm with up to 30 different activities indoors. Since 1999, activities have been conducted here that are reminiscent of the Prisoners at the fort but on a physical level where everyone can participate.

Hiway Event AB organizes events under its own auspices and on behalf of others. The company also conducts marketing activities, consulting, planning, implementation and follow-up in the previously mentioned areas and activities compatible therewith.

The health studio which is a complete local fitness facility.

Welcome to us!

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KITEKALLE Båstad is the business that offers courses and rental of outdoor activities in several places in Båstad, Torekov and Laholm. Stand up paddle is an activity that most people can try, definitely more than once, and therefore we want to give you the opportunity to explore different environments and water in our different places.

In addition to SUP, you can take a course in kitesurfing or wave surfing. At Kalkan (Lake Öresjön) you are warmly welcome to try an SUP yoga session or let your child paddle with other children during the summer children's SUP.

If you are planning for a bachelor party / bachelor party, a company event or an activity for the school class / sports association, we have guaranteed something to offer. Our vision is always to match the customer's wishes and therefore we are happy to tailor an experience to all specific wishes.

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Welcome to Malen's newly renovated Minigolf course with a full sea view.

Our old, fine wooden track dating back to the 50s has been given updated carpets, obstacles and newly painted, fun details along the course. It is beautifully situated by the sea on Malen and is open every day during the warm months, weather permitting. On fine days, there is also access to both ice cream and coffee.

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Looking for a quick and easy way to explore the wilderness on a mountain bike? Then you can turn to Ridge Cycling's bike rental service.
Basecamps are located in Vallåsens Värdshus, near Våxtorp and Båstad

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Sailing Båstad arranges large sailing regattas in Båstad.

  • Join and be seen together with professional sailors
  • Join in a pleasant atmosphere among people who are interested in sailing, the sea and outdoor life

In the meeting between people, the conditions are important for strengthening ties. We can help you with the right conditions and activities for the right opportunity.

Skummeslövsstrands Badortsförening is a non-profit association, which is politically and religiously independent. Our purpose is to work for a positive development of Skummeslövsstrand and events that create well-being for both summer guests and year-round residents.

The seaside resort association arranges a number of different activities all year round, but of course with emphasis during the summer. Either we arrange them ourselves, perhaps in collaboration with others, or we agree with a suitable organizer. The Midsummer celebrations and tip walks are examples of things we arrange in-house, while e.g. Exercise gymnastics during the summer is agreed with Friskis and Svettis. All our activities are available on the website and in "Strandnytt". We strive to expand our activities both in number and to a greater breadth. That is why we need more people working with this. Welcome to register your interest! The seaside resort association is also involved in Skummeslöv's development. Mainly by being an active party to Laholm Municipality and other actors when it comes to designing plans and other conditions for how Skummeslöv should look and be experienced. At present, together with a number of cottage and community associations, we have become involved in Laholm Municipality's Future Plan 2030 and the proposal for a Detailed Plan for the seashore. Our opinions can be found on our website. We collaborate with and support the "Network Preserve Svarvareskogen", and look at what is happening in Skummeslöv and Skottorp

For 2020, our ambition is to increase the value of membership in the Badortsföreningen.

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We offer paddling on Rönne å with Canadians, kayaks or SUPs

Tennis is part of 70 Riksidrottsförbundet (RF) together with XNUMX other special sports federations and will work together to advance the positions of sports and get more interested and involved. Together we have a responsibility to live up to the overall goal Strategy 2025.

Like RF's definition of Swedish sports as the organized activity in associations and federations, we make the same definition of Swedish tennis, ie the activity conducted in associations, regions and federations. Our vision, together with Swedish tennis' common strategies, values ​​and goals, form the cornerstones of Direction 2020.

The Swedish Tennis Association's operational work is governed by the association's roadmap. Through clear initiatives and goals, the roadmap will influence the outcome of the common direction of travel for Swedish tennis 2020, so that tennis is developed according to what the members decide.

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Race calendar, trail races, running trips, podcasts, equipment, inspiration & blogs. Everything for the trail runner - Share the passion of trail!

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If you love speed, adrenaline and community, you've come to the right place. With us at Vallåsen, you will experience one of Sweden's best bike parks. Here you can be a professional, enthusiast, beginner, alone or the whole family.

Is a book pay and play course in a scenic setting.

Where the blueberry rice frames the course and with lovely birdsong in the background.

The sport suits everyone and is a good challenge for families, groups of friends, or company events.

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