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Service & Craftsman

Båstad & Bjärehalvön best service can be found here.

Here you can get help with most things!

Authorized electrician who performs electrical installations, electrical improvements and solutions for Smart Homes, connections for charging an electric car with several solutions. Sales of electrical materials and peripherals in connection with installations. Perform work with ROT deductions and tax deductions for Green Technology if the customer wishes and is approved.

If you also want hassle-free availability, personal service and presence, call us! …
The surveillance group watches over Båstad & the Bjäre Peninsula. Your complete provider of security services! Bevakningsgruppen is a total supplier of qualified guarding and security services with offices in Malmö, Lund, Landskrona, Löddeköpinge, Helsingborg, Båstad and Stockholm. The security group is, through its strong, local and niche subsidiaries, a different and complete security company. With our broad competence, professional partners and extensive personnel resources, we are the given choice when you want to sleep safely! We are here for you!…
Akademi Båstad, Polytechnic educations. Being the leading education in each vocational area is the obvious starting point for the vocational educations that Akademi Båstad runs. Our first vocational training started as early as 1997, after which we have gradually established new businesses….
Are you going on holiday, excursion, work or play golf! Then leave your dog at Svalbo Hundecenter and it will also have fun while you are having fun. Spacious boxes with underfloor heating Large outdoor areas Lots of walks in a forest environment Dog swimming and massage We are located in Böskestorp, the road between Förslöv and Båstad in northwestern Scania. Telephone hours: Weekdays 09.00-10.00 Tel: 0702-45 10 80 All bookings are made via mobile phone. E-mail: (answers as time permits) If you have any questions, please contact us!…

The car

Part of Bilmånsson in Skåne AB. We are located in Eslöv, Hörby, Ängelholm, Klippan and Båstad.
Feel free to follow our main page., where you can ask questions and get the latest news.
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With us at Börjessons Bil, you are guaranteed to find a car that meets your needs - both rational and emotional. We sell new cars from the brands Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, CUPRA and Skoda as well as used cars from all car brands. You can expect pleasant hospitality and 5-star service.

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Circle K is the local petrol station in Förslöv and serves both motorists and passers-by. Rent a trailer / car, wash the car, refuel or enjoy a good hamburger. The station in Förslöv has a fully equipped store and good opening hours.  

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Boat Rental

Båstad Harbor is a harbor that has everything.

From festive summer evenings with parties, glamor to tranquil barbecue evenings with a shimmering sunset. During the summer, the harbor is filled with tennis players, party prizes and ice cream-eating strollers. 

Båstad Hamn's policy is to create the best conditions for your stay. You should come here full of anticipation and travel from here with the desire to return.

The port is blue flagged.

The guest harbor is well worth an extra cruise.

Reserve your berth at

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Our animals

Are you going on vacation, excursion, work or play golf! Then leave your dog with us and it will also have fun while you have fun.

Spacious boxes with underfloor heating
Large conservatories
Lots of walks in forest environment
Dog swimming and massage

We are located in Böskestorp, the road between Förslöv and Båstad in northwestern Skåne.

Telephone hours
Weekdays 09.00-10.00
Tel: 0702-45 10 80
All bookings are made via mobile phone.

Email: (responds subject to time)

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us!

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Learning with Horses offers team building, leadership development and training programs - with horses as teachers! Our customers include both companies and management teams, but also schools, treatment homes and parents of children who need help to strengthen their self-esteem and train their abilities. All exercises are done from the ground - no riding. Learning with horses is based on the beautiful Bjäre Peninsula, a stone's throw from Båstad's village center, but collaborates with riding schools and clients all over the country. Read more at

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Economics & Development

Angtoft Ekonomi AB runs an accounting firm on a smaller scale with a focus on primarily Financial Statements, Declarations. I can also take on current accounting and similar tasks. In addition, I also deal with Liquidations (approved by the Swedish Companies Registration Office) as well as mergers and similar Companies matters.

Feel free to contact me at

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Bjäre-Kullabygdens Företagsjuridik offers legal advice and assistance to small and medium-sized companies on the Bjäre Peninsula and in Kullabygden. Lawyer Eric Ericsson has extensive experience in corporate issues, contract issues, dispute resolution and training. 

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Indwell AB

IndWell AB works with consulting in connection with medium-sized companies' change work. For example, when adapting resources, acquiring and integrating new operations, winding up operations and advising in connection with raising capital.

The company's contact information is:


Mobile: +46 70 290 57 19

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Do you and your company need help with development? We help you identify what needs to be developed so that you can grow or simply become better at what you do. Is your company facing changes. It may be organizational and personnel changes. We provide coaching and personal support as well as tools for success.

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PixelPappa is an innovation company that builds apps, websites, VR and other digital solutions. They are industry experts in accessibility-adapted design and gamification.

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Your airport. Close to you.
From northwestern Skåne to Stockholm and the world. And back. Ängelholm Helsingborg Airport is the obvious choice for you who value short travel time and convenience. The airport is easily accessible with a maximum of 30 minutes drive to all municipalities in the catchment area.
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Building construction

Prenad started as an electrical engineering company in Malmö in 1975.

In 2020, Prenad has approx. 750 employees in 14 locations in Skåne, Halmstad. Turnover in 2020 was a record high, SEK 1,2 billion.

Regardless of how much Prenad has grown, local anchoring has always been important to the company. With offices all over Scania, in Halmstad there is local knowledge and conditions for close and long-term relationships between Prenad's staff and customers.


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Feel free to contact Göran for electrical installations, electrical improvements and solutions for your Smart Home.

Göran is an authorized electrician and works in Båstad, Torekov, Skummeslöv and other areas around Bjäre. In short, good; Bjare's own electrician. Do you also want a quick implementation with personal service? Welcome to contact Elar´n.

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We are a complete supplier of lifting machines for construction and industry.

Our core values ​​are quality, efficiency, personal, safety.

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We are part of the Swedish Sun Protection Association, which provides extra security for our customers. It should be easy and safe to buy sunscreen for our customers, then it is important to hire a company with a broad product range and good knowledge. A membership in the Swedish Sun Protection Association is a guarantee that the supplier always possesses these qualities. Therefore, the union backs up so that we can offer a unique 3-year guarantee. We have a shop & showroom in Båstad, but our work area extends from Skanör / Falsterbo up to Gothenburg, which means that we can cover a large geographical area. In our store we show all types of sunscreen for indoor & outdoor use. It is important that our customers can see and explore our products and also choose from a wide range of color and shape. We are also careful to constantly update our stores so we always show the latest that has come out on the market. We use world-leading suppliers who have the highest quality of their products. So do not hesitate to come in and look in our store or ring a signal and book a home visit for measurement.

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MMB is a construction company based in Båstad. We conduct construction operations from Skåne in the south to Dalarna in the north.

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Peab is one of the Nordic region's leading construction companies with operations in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

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Thimsfors plumbing

In 2014, Mats VVS & Oljeservice in Älmhult was acquired and in September 2017… Jonsab VVS in Båstad has been wholly owned by 1 September 2017. Thimsfors plumbing.

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Property & premises

A family business with an entrepreneurial spirit. Backahill is a family-owned company founded in 1998. We have our roots in Ängelholm and the Bjäre Peninsula

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Bjäre has unique conditions for entrepreneurs who want to start a business and develop into successful companies. There are good examples of small companies that have grown here into established listed companies and significant jobs for the area.

Båstad Företagsby is a place for networking where knowledge, commitment, capital can work together to grow together. Here is 10500 sqm with great opportunities for adaptation as desired. We have charming and modern premises, everything from office operations, training, showroom to warehouse / logistics and manufacturing.

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Båstad Lager & Logistik frees up time, so you can focus on the right thing.

With locations in Båstad, Kungsbacka, Ljungby and Vaggeryd, they are located in the middle of Sweden's logistics hub.

Their strength is that they are flexible, service-oriented and solution-oriented. They are constantly looking for new smart, cost-effective and long-term solutions for you as a customer, and which strengthen your business.

Their goal is to be the safe, simple and diligent partner in warehousing, logistics and transport for you and your company.

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Founded in 1964 with its registered office in Båstad municipality, its purpose and purpose is to safeguard the members' rights and interests in their community of owner and / or user of property within the Association's area of ​​activity. The association's area of ​​activity coincides with Hemmeslöv's and Eskilstorp's Road Association's area. The association's task is to bring an action against the authority's decision, if these harm or counteract the members' interests. The association must also work for order and well-being in the area.

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Båstad Massage Therapy

With me, you can get emergency and preventive help with all forms of disabling pain in the body.

My name is Håkan Börjesson and I have worked as a certified therapist in Therapeutic Massage and Reflexology for more than 25 years.

I can help you with:

Acute and preventive treatment of all forms of joint and muscle pain

Rehabilitation after work and sports injuries. 

Stress-related problems such as insomnia, difficulty breathing, headaches, dizziness, fatigue and abdominal pain due to mental exhaustion.

Coaching in physical and mental recovery.

Contact information: Håkan Börjesson, 073-78 76 222

Welcome to us!

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Web, communication & photo

The company is headquartered in Båstad and has a broad business area, including printing and finishing of graphic products.

Feel free to contact us if you have comments on the website, if something does not work as it should or if you want to share tips and ideas.

Feel free to email us if you have questions or requests at:
Remember to write in English or Swedish.

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Esplendido creates high-quality media and has over the years filmed and photographed for Fjällräven Classics, Två Halvöar and Båstad Turism & Näringsliv. 


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A mobile marketing agency that coaches and relieves you as a small business owner with digital marketing. We help you with everything from planning and strategy to producing texts, photos, films & publishing on your website and in social media. Of course, we also help you with digital advertising if you wish. Don't hesitate to get in touch to hear how a plan for your particular business might look like! 

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LWimages is a photo and film company that focuses on authentic images and visual stories, often focusing on nature tourism, outdoor life, adventure travel and outdoor activities.


We combine our great passion for photography and film with our strong interest in nature and people and the relationship between them. Our strength lies in capturing the genuine, unartful moments. That is when our hearts beat the strongest. The opportunity and longing for new innovative images and stories is what drives us.


Our work aims to inspire but also increase awareness of the responsibility we have for our planet. That is why we always strive for the best solutions during our assignments for nature, animals, the environment and humans.


Feel free to contact us to hear more about how we could possibly cooperate.

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MBridgemountain AB is a company that is run, in addition to knowledge, with a lot of joy, creativity and energy.

They help you with: • Marketing • Digital • Graphic - ads, leaflets, business cards, brochures, own mailings, etc. • Sign materials - flags, roll-ups, signs, beach flags, banners, billboards etc.

They have just launched the popular We ❤️ Båstad and We ❤️ Bjäre flags!

The flags are for sale at Båstad Tourist Office.

MBridgemountain AB helps you and your company to be seen - contact Maria for creative and smart solutions.




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We assemble fire alarms, draw fire drawings (evacuation plans, emergency plans, etc.) and sell from fire products (extinguishing equipment, emergency light fixtures, etc.) to defibrillators and safety cabinets.

We fix fire protection documentation for new / additions / conversions.

We can offer training in Hot work, General fire knowledge,
First Aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, and Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

We are happy to help you with your SBA (Systematic Fire Protection Work).
We can produce SBA documents, perform annual inspections of fire equipment
and offer flexible solutions for self-inspections. Call us on: 0703 262 595

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Call us on tel: +46431363538

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Our services

Båstad Städ performs all forms of cleaning.

Welcome to hear from you!

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Carpe Persona

Carpe Persona develops companies and their leaders to become clearer in how they lead themselves and their employees. They work in different ways partly through coaching and partly through leadership development in daring to have courage, empathy to meet and live according to their values ​​and goals, both for yourself and as an entrepreneur. The development takes place individually or in groups.


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Fontänhuset Båstad is aimed at people who experience or have experienced mental illness. They work according to the fountain house model and its 37 international guidelines that aim to run a Clubhouse with a psychosocial work-oriented rehabilitation. The goal is for the members to become strong and independent individuals with good self-confidence and good self-esteem and to gain an insight into how valuable they are and be able to find a way back to studies or work.

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Sustainable Handling helps with final cleaning, storage cleaning, gardening, etc. Order a big bag and pick-up. They will help you go to the recycling center.

Root o Rut deductions for certain services.

They also perform heavy lifting, with a small agile crane truck.

Contact: Ulf Nilsson 070-5369838

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The Linnaeus Clinic offers aesthetic treatments for disfiguring varicose veins. The treatment is done after an initial free consultation where your problems are assessed. Anna Matre, leg. a nurse with specialist training has experience from a larger Stockholm-based clinic in vascular surgery, varicose veins and varicose veins and is the one who performs the treatment, which takes about an hour. 

You are welcome to contact us!



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Rundwall Konsult can guarantee that you will be affected!

Thoughts and feelings that are challenged, regardless of whether it is a lecture, managerial coaching or a major effort as a process leader for development work

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Stigsson's Funeral Home has been in Bjäre since 1976. They are a small company that provides safe and personal care around the clock. With their love for the countryside, they want to preserve traditions but at the same time meet new ways of thinking and of course work for a sustainable future.

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We are a training company and a complete supplier of safety training in forklifts, lifts, fall protection, traverse, flammable work, wheel loaders and telescopic loaders. The training sessions are advantageously attended at one of our fully equipped facilities in Värnamo, Mellbystrand, Vetlanda and Ljungby or at the customer's location if the right conditions exist.

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Tourism & Leisure

Hallandsåsen - the border between Skåne and Halland. But for those of us who know the area is it more; beech forest, pastures surrounded by stone fences, beaches and dense spruce forest. From the sea in the west, with Torekov and Båstad, Ängelholm in the south, Bjärehalvön, Laholm in the north with long beaches and the magical forest, which stretches all the way to Örkelljunga in the east. All of us entrepreneurs live and work here. We invite you to an experience for the senses. Stay with us, taste the glorious food, and enjoy fast-paced activities as well as by the silence. Nature, with all it can offer, is important both for our activities and for pure recreation. With us, it's good to live!

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Membership application

Terms & conditions

Termination of membership must be in writing no later than 31 October of the year before resignation and at the earliest after 2 years of membership. 

As a member you get:

When you become a member, you contribute to:

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