Rudolf Abelin - Founder of Norrvikens Trädgårdar

Rudolf Abelin came to Båstad in 1906 in his search for a place where he could realize his dream of creating a "living garden museum". He then found the agricultural property Lilla Båstad on the northern shore of the Bjäre Peninsula. Already at the end of the 1800th century, Rudolf Abelin worked on building his Norrviken. At that time, the facility was located at Bråviken outside Norrköping. Unfortunately, the construction of a new railway line nullified the possibilities for the gardens and Rudolf sought a new place to realize his garden visions.

During the first years of the twentieth century, Rudolf Abelin was invited to Båstad and at the suggestion of his good friend Ludvig Nobel who discovered Båstad's beauty, he visited the dilapidated farm with the name "Lilla Båstad" a few kilometers west of the community. The place came to strongly influence Rudolf Abelin and he saw the landscape, nature and the mild climate as the ideal place for his facility. In 1906 he became the owner of the site over which he had already drawn up a plan. Lilla Båstad inherited the name Norrviken from her predecessor at Bråviken.

For fifteen years, the gardens were laid out with great work and financial commitment. Hazel and orchards were established adjacent to the gardens in the hope that these could provide an economic basis for further development and operation. In 1922, the plantations of 5000 fruit trees consisted of 200 different kinds of pear and apple trees as well as a significant cultivation of hazelnuts. The economic significance of the orchards for the gardens was unfortunately a misjudgment and already after a couple of years they had to halve the staff and look for new forms for the survival of the gardens.

In 1924, only four years after the opening, the association Norrvikens Trädgårdar was formed. Several of the sponsors in the association were well-off and it was hoped that with their help the finances would be in better balance. The war winters in the 40s with severe cold, meant a severe crack for the gardens and became the drop that forced Rudolf Abelin to give up and sell the facility. The villa was until the gardens were taken over by Rederiaktiebolaget Nordstjernan in 1942, the Abelin family's private home.

The economic problems that plagued the gardens in previous years have affected their development throughout the latter half of the twentieth century. Some of Rudolf Abelin's projects were therefore not fully implemented either. Among other things, there were plans for a chapel with a forest cemetery at the site of Abelin's grave and a continuation of the Water Garden all the way up to the ridge of the ridge. The water garden became Abelin's last project. Inspired by the gardens of the Italian High Renaissance, he wanted to take care of the water that the surrounding nature provided the garden with.

The war winters created problems for Rudolf and caused so much damage to the gardens that Rudolf was forced to sell. 

In 1942, Rederi Ab Nordstjernan took over the gardens.  

1971 when the Norrvikens Trädgårdar foundation was formed.

In 2013, the company Lilla Båstad bought Norrviken. 

The garden is now beginning to regain its formative splendor and the current owner Lilla Båstad AB is working to recreate and develop the garden, a work that will continue every year.

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