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Båstad & Bjärehalvön has a wealth of quality and cozy restaurants, bars, cafes and the occasional bistro. The food is often in the center of the Bjäre Peninsula, which is part of Sweden's pantry, Skåne. Enjoy good food and drink on the Swedish Riviera, all year round in fantastic and beautiful atmosphere.

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Welcome to Apelrydsskolan's student restaurant. Here in Viktoriahuset at Norrvikens gardens, restaurant students from Apelrydsskolan Ala Carte serve. A warm welcome to a wonderful experience.

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Alexandra´s is a champagne bar with a French garden feel. Like a luxurious day party, where the atmosphere is total.

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Tropical than St. Tropez - cooler than Copacabana - hotter than Haiti. The bathing pot Stranden Båstad, has everything: a nice serving in a lounge environment

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Bistro Grodlår & Thyme

French and Scanian restaurant and bistro with inspiration from France, its former colonies and the Bjäre Peninsula. You who have been here before will recognize you and you who come for the first time will find an oasis in the French neighborhood restaurant style. A restaurant and bistro in Båstad that is like your own living room.

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Bjärås farm shop and café, located opposite the Lindab factory in Grevie, Båstad.

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Bjäre berries are run by Emma Jönsson, who is a trained horticulturist from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Alnarp. Emma is passionate about everything to do with diet, health and our environment. - "I have a sustainability mindset in everything I do."

“In 2011, I started growing raspberries in my dad's old greenhouse, where he had grown tomatoes and cucumbers. For 9 years I grew raspberries on my parents' farm, but the 2020 season was the last when the farm was sold. In 2021, I will move the entire farm to my farm, on Segelstorpsvägen 197 (about 3 km from where I farmed before).

I have a high production on a small area so as not to affect the biological diversity more than necessary. I only use biological plant protection products in the cultivation

I grow the varieties Tulameen which is known for its divine taste and Glen ample, which is known for its high production.

Welcome to my little paradise!

Emma ”

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Boathouse Bakery

The Boathouse Bakery

Address: Strandpromenaden 47 269 33 Båstad

Tel: 0734121900Warm welcome!



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Båstad Wine & Champagne

With its heart and base on the Bjäre Peninsula in northwestern Skåne, Båstad Wine & Champagne has found two places in the world that mean extra, South Africa and Champagne, and based on these, the company is now proudly building up its portfolio of fantastic wines.

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Båstad Seafood

Båstad Seafood sells all the good things from the sea at the Entré Båstad shopping area, Skåne.
Båstad Seafood consists of both a shop and a restaurant that offers Sweden's largest range of fish. We offer a complete range of fresh fish, seafood, ready meals, delicacies and lots of other unique products from the sea.
All year round, delicious and tasty dishes are served from our menu and in a relaxed and Scandinavian restaurant environment. If you would rather take something delicious home with you or where you are going - there is more than you can imagine in our store.

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With nature around the corner and the sea as the nearest neighbor, you get a wonderful taste experience and best service. A world of chocolate products and pralines, each of which is handmade. A hot cup of chocolate or a steaming cappuccino to enjoy in front of the open fire, a glass of rosé for the shrimp sandwich or a stone oven baked sourdough pizza with one of Båstad's most wonderful locations. 

Simply a gem to look forward to!


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At Continental Båstad you eat breakfast, lunch and luxurious French pastry - Paris meets the French Riviera in Båstad. Wine lunch at Contan has become a classic, here you choose between 10 dishes. Local ingredients, sustainability thinking and service that becomes an experience. 


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A duo from Halmstad who have combined their dreams in food and interior design.

Simple but tasty dishes on the menu, salads, homemade coffee, dishes, organic coffee & interior details from well-known brands.

Here you are met by an environment and a feeling that reflects at home and away at the same time. In addition, everything around you is for sale

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Restaurant Drivan serves record home cooking. Here you eat food from Swedish cuisine as it was originally intended:

Selected, uncomplicated raw materials of high quality that are prepared with knowledge and care. The result is a tasty menu with classic dishes that are renewed every week without costing the shirt.

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When love is the spice, everyone likes the food….

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Friggin Båstad

Friggin Båstad is a barbecue and event company that makes your event what matters! We are all summer on site down in Båstad's harbor.

Friggin tailors what will be your perfect food event! Comes out to you, sets up tents, grills, smokers, stations and everything needed for the ultimate barbecue, BBQ and dining experience. In the meantime, the food is prepared while you sit quietly in the boat and adjust so that the drink is cold and the guest list is ready.

Feel free to follow Friggin on Instagram and Facebook: frigginbastad

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Gardeners restaurant

Gardeners offer modern and fresh food with seasonal ingredients. The focus is on Nordic food culture, organic and locally grown. Here you are offered a whole new level of today's lunch where you can choose in the categories: meat, fish, salad and pasta. A warm welcome to a wonderful lunch or treat yourself to a luxurious coffee!


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Grevie Park & ​​Events

Located in the heart of Bjäre you will find the full-scale event arena Grevieparken. Grevieparken is your partner at events, weddings or general meetings!

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Hotel Strandpensionatet

With us at Strandpensionatet, there is not only room and convenience, but also our very own restaurant, which changes menu according to the season. 

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The coffee house in Bjäre Härads Hembygdförening

The coffee house is run by Bjäre Härads Hembygdsförening in Boarp.

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The Kattvik kiosk

Go to the small picturesque harbor in Kattvik and have coffee at Kattvik's café, here you are offered e.g. both ice cream and waffles.

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Food & Meetings in Båstad

Ulrika and Andreas who run Mat & Möten at Båstad Golfklubb and offer lunch restaurant, Bar & Coffelounge in a wonderful environment.

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On the Cinnamon

A genuine café, bakery and patisserie with an old-fashioned style. There is a peasant romantic style with a homely feeling. The bread and pastry selection is wide and of the highest quality.

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Sands Back Pocket

Sit down and enjoy fantastically good sandwiches and Danish open sandwiches, have a glass of wine on the terrace's outdoor terrace or a cup of coffee by the fire. The location, with a view of the harbor, is perfect and in summer you can sit for a long time and watch the crowds that are attracted to the metropolis Båstad.

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SOEDER Countryhouse & Kitchen

Because Soeder Country House & Kitchen loves food and what fits in the glass, they put in a lot of time and a great deal of passion for you to experience that love. The kitchen will be a meeting place for creativity and culinary experiences. 

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Solbackens Waffelbruk

At the height there are several serving terraces from which you have a breathtaking view. Waffles according to an old recipe are served with jam and cream or only with sugar.

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Solsidan Båstad

Restaurant Solsidan is located in Båstad Harbor and opened its doors for the first time during the summer of 2018. The name of the restaurant is inspired by the beer company Solsidan AB, which today is a partner of the restaurant. Solsidan is run by the restaurateur Carl Lindqvist Nilsson.

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The Boathouse is a restaurant with New Nordic cuisine that meets Swedish husma, and is a fantastic meeting place in Bastad port..

Varvet food & wine Torekov

Located in the middle of the harbor in Torekov's old boatyard, the restaurant Varvet Mat & Vin invites you to an experience beyond the ordinary. Here you will also find our café.

We have a menu with Italian cuisine in focus, based on local and fresh ingredients.

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Victoria in Båstad

A new tradition with ancient origins. Victoria has almost always been on the square in Båstad.
It started with Hotel Viktoria which then became Café Victoria when the hotel disappeared. Now the name has wandered across the street with the help of the last confectioner at Café Victoria who bought the old rectory on the square that bore the name Torggården in the 60s. So now Victoria is back in the square. This time to stay. Café, Restaurant and Bar all under one roof and with a fantastic outdoor seating area where there is almost a sun guarantee!

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RAVINEn's Café & Bistro serves wonderful taste experiences and provides a magical meeting between culture and sea, with an expansive view of Laholmsbukten.


Vegetables from Bjäre are the focus of the menu, which are then enhanced by different flavors to create an experience in every bite. The menu changes in line with what the season offers. To this there are locally produced drinks in the form of must, beer, kombucha and much more, and we also have exciting wines from Arild's vineyard.

In our pastries, love is the most important ingredient, while no shortcuts are taken. A truly classic coffee with warmth and genuine flavors that can be enjoyed together with one of our good teas or a cup of coffee.

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The summer restaurant Torget is a family-friendly restaurant located at Båstad Camping. Live music, music quizzes and other wonderful activities are regularly offered here during the summer. When the children get to run in the legs, the playground and the Adventure Golf are right opposite

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Torggårdens Grill & Kiosk

A gem since 1966 on Mariatorget in Båstad. It serves classic fast food 363 days a year and fantastic soft ice cream April - Nov.

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On the Strandpromenaden in Båstad, a stone's throw from the beach on Malen, is Restaurant Verandan. This is the place where you "enjoy yourself". As we know, felling is not something you can touch or something you can see. It is both a feeling and an experience. You feel good and simply enjoy life….

Come as you are, eat, drink, enjoy and laugh. Restaurant Verandan is a meeting place for you who want to sit down and enjoy a good meal or just have a drink together.

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Apple orchard GK

Charming accommodation in the middle of fruit trees. All guests have access to our cozy Clubhouse with restaurant & bar and club room for parties. With proximity to the sea and summer time -Båstads puls, you can not live better. 

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