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The fresh potatoes

Oh so typically Swedish with a full bowl of freshly cooked fresh potatoes with chopped dill on top! Embark on a potato safari yourself in your own car or by bike and watch how the fresh potatoes grow and germinate in the fields here on the Bjäre Peninsula. At Easter it comes into the ground and maybe you are lucky enough to see "bulb setting" in the fields. 

We are proud of our new potatoes and we are careful with the varieties because they taste so different! Varieties are just as important for that, whether it is potatoes, apples, strawberries, carrots or any other crop. They all have different characteristics. Below we list some of the primary and pre-potato varieties grown on the Bjäre Peninsula. Ask about the variety when you are in the store or restaurant and get to know the taste difference. 

"A really good boiled new potato is wonderful at the beginning of the season. They should be fresh and creamy!"

- Paul Svensson, Star Chef

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